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somes games go back to desktop after watercooling is installed!

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
This is the second time I have hooked up my watercooling and have had some games begin to kick me back to the desktop while playing. This is with my 86w peltier installed yet.

The chipset HSF is very, very hot! Could that be the reason why I'm getting this problem? I tried aiming a fan at it to see if cooling it down a bit would take care of the problem. But it didnt. There is not enough room between the water block and the HSF to put a small fan right on it.

The water block gets so hot you cant even really touch it after a while. I'm only using a 1\2 gallon of water to cool and the water just gets warmer and warmer. It stays pretty steady around 15c @ idle though. and reaches as high as 27c under extreme full cpu load.

I will be taking my peltier out and trying the watercooling without to see if it does it or not. But when I have my alpha installed with the peltier this does not happen, it runs 100% stable all the time.

Anyone have any suggestions?
what watercooling setup you got? You would definately benefit from having a lot more water in the system. I will say this, in the extreme system I built for a project with a car radiator and a 156W peltier, we had no problem with water. We were using around 2 gallons of water, and had that HUGE small car radiator. But part of it is how much water you have too.
The only way more water helps is if you have some cooling on the res as it will reach an equilibrium either way...approximately the same, too. It'll just take longer.
Well, I dont really have a kit. The pump and radiator are from leufkens technoligies. The water block is one I got from work. It's pretty good size. And the reservoir is a 1\2 gallon plastic container I bought from Kmart.

Now last night I played some games as well as this morning and no lockup's. I'll have to wait and see what happens. So far other then that little problems I'm pretty satisfied with the setup. The cpu temp is close to the same as my alpha was but more consistant.
I think I may also try and see what my 50w tec would do with this setup. Who know's I may even get better results!