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something bad involving my NB or RAM

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Jul 5, 2003
San Diego, CA
I, like most people who own an NF7-S, was plagued by the horrible sound of the fan on the NB. So, like most, I bought a passive heatsink that attached with thermal tape. The tape sucked...I ended up attaching the HS with some yarn. This was working fine until I started playing Need For Speed Most Wanted and started getting random lock ups. I knew that the game was in part to blame because I beat HL2 without any problems. ANYWAYS, I noticed that the whole yarn idea was stupid because the HS wasn't really naking any contact with the NB at all so I bought some super glue and put 4 dots on all the corners or the HS, put some AS5 in the middle and glued it to my NB. Now I cant even load NFS and these are the results of some tests

test only cpu....PASS
test cpu and ram (blend)....FAIL

artifact free for 7min when i got bored and stopped the test

wtf is wrong....is my RAM randomly going bad or did this whole NB thing have anything to do with it. I'm tempted to get the HS off with a razorblade and reapply it with a big glob of silicon paste becasue I know the HS isnt very flat and the NB isnt any better. Those who have NF7-S will know exactly what i mean. Thanks for any help and sorry for my frequent use of acronyms..see my sig for the rest of my rig


Apr 27, 2004
I was in a situation that sounds simliar like yours, my culpret was the ram...it was slowly degrading due to overvoltage :(


Jul 4, 2004
Auckland, New Zealand
i would say it would be your RAM, though i dont imagin using super glue would have done the nb any favours.. but i would check the ram, use memtest86+ overnight to rule out the possibility



Oct 28, 2003
Then I'll have to say it's your NB, just a FYI the NB's are seriously concaved.

From my experience when I changed my NB sink to the blue zalman passive cooler, I had to put quite alot of AS for it to even make contact. So your cooler might be making little or no contact at all with the AS, I'll recommend lapping your NB to make it flat or at least flatter.