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Something interesting that affects all

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Aug 15, 2002
Barcelona ^_^
I have been reading that the motherboard with nforce2 (for example to ASUS A7N8x) they use the "dual-channel technology" with that that two memory Banks that are special for it.

If this is true is it better at the moment to buy two modules by heart that one alone, with a view to the future?

I had thought to buy or Corsair 512XMS3200C2 or 512XMS3500C2 or OCZ 3500 in worse modules of 512 now have the doubt of buying me two modules of 256 of these memory

a greeting and to answer soon is urgent

p.d that is better "CORSAIR XMS3200C2" or OCZ 3500? <this answer also urges me
That was my conclusion from what I read. 2 sticks for nForce2, if and when it is available. 1 stick for other mobos is what I read.

I've done some timing studies on 2 sticks versus 1 on my current mobo (see sig below) and there isn't a measurable difference. :cool:

Cosair without a doubt. OCZ has had a number of complaints about it. :D
I've never heard a complaint about Corsair, but I've seen many on the forums about OCZ. I bought 2 sticks of DDR in May thinking it would be a safe upgrade path. However, owning 2 sticks can limit your overclocking on some boards.

If you want to know for sure, you may want to wait until the end of the month--that's when dual ddr boards are supposed to be on the market.