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something to think about for watercoolers read pls :)

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Apr 15, 2001
ok when you put water on your hand and blow on it it gets a little bit cooler right ?
when you take amonia or rubbing alchol and put it on your hand and blow on it it gets really cold right?

what about a mixture of water and rubbing alchol or water and amonia ?

something to think about i experimented with this myself 5 mins ago after read about this Molybdate stuff
does anybody know about corrosion with amonia or rubbing alchol with copper/aluminum?
anybody know any really good substances that do this type of thing thats better then purple ice ?
that only works because the substances is evaporating

that's why you get cool when you sweat

your system would have to be open to have any sort of added cooling.

if you used just alcohol I don't know because I think it has a lower specific heat

down side is

one time during chem class in high school are teacher wanted us to see how much heat it took to boil alcohol in a closed system

what did we use open flame

what did it do

bust open and covered my leg on fire
( wasn't hurt but my legs had no hair)

so you might want to make sure that your alcohol system doesn't burst open due to built up presser from the heat and cover every thing in alcohol or fire.