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Something weird with MBM and Sisoft Temp readings..

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May 15, 2001
Hello again.
Today I unplugged two IDE cables, and folded them to make them kinda rounded, and secured with electrical tape. Worked out great. I plugged them back in. All drives work fine. I was fiddling around on the net, and I looked down at MBM. (Latest version) My "case" temps were nearly 10c higher than usual. My chipset was running about 8c above "normal".......but my CPU was right about normal.

I thought perhaps I had set up MBM wrong, or somehow the settings got changed. So I reinstalled MBM. Same temps.......Hmmmmmm.

So I checked sisoft.......and the results have me worried. Sisoft reports my CPU temp to be 40C pretty much at idle. MBM shows 32-34c........
Sisoft reports my MOBO temp to be 29C......MBM reports 10c higher at 39C.

Sisoft doesn't have a temp gauge for the via chip (at least I don't know where it is if it's in there) So I can't compare but MBM is showing a 8c increase in temps over what I am used to seeing. Ambient is about 23c.

I am just wondering if somehow I damaged my MOBO by redoing those IDE cables, or if they are the culprit?

And if it was YOU......which gauge would you trust most? Sisoft or MBM? What did I do?
If the cables are the problem I don't know, but for me, Sandra shows the CPU temp about 5'C more than the BIOS.

And I would use BIOS to check the temp once in a while. just after you check the temp with sandra or mbm, restart and check the temp in the BIOS. see which one's closer.
Here's something really strange. I just downloaded MBM508 for my AK31. If I check the temps with SiSoft 2000te everything reads fine. 28C for Board Temp, 43C for CPU. When I run MBM508 and set up the sensor to read the board temp, it shows it at 127C!!! When I go back to check SiSoft, it also reads at 127C. I immediately rebooted the system to check what the BIOS was reading and it was 28C. I check again the SiSoft numbers and they're back to 28C. Start up MBM508 and I'm back to 127C. Needless to say, MBM508 is now off my system.
Well. I understand your frustration.....however, for me, it was just the opposite. Out of curiousity, I downloaded Via Hardware Monitor, and also Motherboard Probe.

Installed them all. So now I have four temp programs.
I fired up MBM508.....MotherboardProbe, And Viahardware Monitor. Guess what? All three reported the exact same temps.....with 1c flux here and there. Hmmmm.

So, I fired up prime 95 torture test. Slowly but surely, all three reported a max temp of 44c........
I immediately fired up Sisoft, and ran the temp check again on it. Guess what? It shows 40.4c.....No change.
That is exactly the temp it reports......no matter what.

So.....I immediately restarted the computer, checked the bios temp. Guess what? 44c......the same as all three "other" guages. I still use sisoft, but I don't trust the temp guage at all. My 2cents.