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Sometimes sh*t happens... :(

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SPD Gonzales

Mar 4, 2002
Yesterday, I bought a celeron 700 to replace my old cel 333... :)
Installed it on my Abit BH6 using a asus S370 (converter from 370 to slot1) that came with it.
Start my PC... wow it's fast (compared to the old one)
after 30 - 45 secondes I'm into windows, my screen goes black. 5 secs later my PC does a shuts down by itself... :eek:
Then I smell a bad burned smell... and then POW!! :eek:
whne I removed the processor, half of it was still on the heat sink. stucked there... No more PC.
Even with my original processor, nothing starts anymore... :(
My HD don't initialise, my screen stays black..... Dead...
I think I've got no more MBoard...
What did I do wrong :confused:
On the adaptor, I've set jumpers to celeron (default was cu-mine) and the voltage jumpers were all at CPU Default...
And I didn't overcloked it...
Your Celeron 700 is (or was) a Coppermine (CU-MINE!!!!!), so you just set the wrong jumper!!!! The "Celeron" jumper position refers to the old Celerons in PPGA package, while the new Coppermine Celerons are in FCPGA!! That's to say the coppermine CPUs have another pin layout and you probably overvolted your CPU and it burned! Coud also be that your Heatsink was not seated properly.

Normally the CPU shuts down if the voltage is too high and the CPU gets too hot, but either your insufficient Heatsink, or the cheapo slot1 adapter kept the CPU from shutting down-> again that could be the reason why it burnt up!
Or if you are looking for some compassion...you could have just gotten a bad chip. That is very possible considering that it was the first boot.

And before you all get mad cause of my avatar...I do have a couple Intels sittin around :) No hard feelings.
Don't worry AntiHeiss, I have already enough to be mad... begining by myself... ;)
second: What will I need to get my machine back
Celemine1Gig is absolutely right. You should of had the jumpers on the slotket set to Coppermine not Celeron.
But what are the odds that he had a bad chip considering they are designed to shut off under such situations? That is what I was concerned about. I did that very same thing and my computer just shut off until I figured out what was going on. If you think it was the chip then can you RMA it possibly?
Tonignt I go back where I got the CPU. He told me he was going to do something to help me out of there, but I don't know what yet.
winternights: Thanks, but I got My PC two years ago...
And aniway, the store where I got it closed 2 months later... :(
SPD I shared your PAIN. I fried my beatiful Celeron 900 that can be overclock to 1333mhz. So now I'm back with the good old Celeron 700

In my opinion the CHIP you got was fine, but your Slocket jumper setting was wrong, thus you fried your CPU

If the CPU is truely at fault, it will not even POST. Since you were able to post and get into Windows, you CPU is or was fine

Better luck next time. TOO BAD that your MOTHERBOARD got fried along with it. I don't feel too bad about frying a celerons, but to fried that nice ABIT motherboard is a damn shame

Perhaps it is time to move on to a new platform
the abit bh6 mobo can be had for about $30 used and its not really made for newer celerons. it doesnt like high fsbs and also 2 volts shouldnt kill a celermine so fast
Got back to the store yesterday.

Proposal to get me back on track:
MB: ECS K7SEM + AMD Duron 800 ? ? for $200 cad (approx $125 usd)

Is it suposed to be good?

Told me it can replace my SB Banshee vidéo also (will give me a credit)