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Sooo uhhh how durable are tualatins? my fan just died and..

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Mar 14, 2003
so im sitting there watching tv

*blooop* wtf.. my **** just rebooted.

i run over and pop the side of the case off, touch the heatsink and burn my hand as i see the fan has stopped spinning..

finally mr atx power button decides to work and the comp shuts off..

turns out the cpu fan plug on the mb died..


think my cpu was okay? its a 1.2 and it was at 124fsb so @1488mhz, it got hot enough for the comp to reboot..

its default right now.. you guys think its okay or could that have damaged it?
As its a newer Intel its ok. Anything P3 and after have themal protection (unsure about the older procs) . They'll either crash or throttle and no damage will be done.
I don't think the Tualatins have thermal throttling, maybe I'm wrong. Regardless, those CPUs are tough, you'll probably be ok. Might of shortened it's life span a little, but I'm guessing it'll still work ok.
cause i didnt know about it.

plus the rpm sensor in the fan failed so it'd just shut down the computer whenever it wanted to..

add to that, it doesnt have a cpu temp reading, just "system temp"
haha i just noticed..

people say the aeroflow is loud.. i was like nahhh mines not loud.. wtf are they talking about??

i think that fan header wasnt giving a full 12v to the fan.. its plugged into the second one right now and i think its got 12v.. cause its hauling *** and alot louder than before.. oh well :)