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sorry folks "Cusil" is not an option --Stick with Copper

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Dec 24, 2000
I looked in to the Silver copper mix alloy which has a far better heat conductivity than copper Ex. around 564 Vs. 332. Anyway......... after several E-mails. I got a quote for a square flake 1mm thick 1/2 an inch X 1/2 and inch and they sent me back.... Get this!!!! $1,200 Ouch. So I wen't with Danger Den & the Copper maze for around $30. Got a cold plate and a 156W Peltier and got -7c with my Duron 800 ambient and 12c @1050.
Any News on mini Freezer coils?

Silver on the other hand is still the best option. It melts at low tempuratures (compared to copper and aluminum), and as a result can easily be fashioned in to any shape you desire with help from a propain soldering tourch and some simple open molds.
What's the percentage of silver and copper in the alloy? Shouldn't be too difficult to make an alloy and cast a waterblock base, although probably easier to just use silver as the bottom plate.