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Sound Activated Cold Cathode??

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Sounds like you'd have to program a PIC or Basic Stamp microcontroller and build your own inverter to do that. Of course, with all the modding going on, maybe someone has these already.
hehe, that sounds a little to difficult for me. Would it be possible to salvage one of these units from the neon light sound kits i mentioned earlier?? I would then have one regular neon, and the new modified cathode light with sound.
the sound activated lights you mentioned- those work in PCs as well- cars and PCs both run on 12V. Check a Crutchfield catalog or go to a good car stereo store, they will hook you up.

The neon tubes for cars are usually cheaper and stronger than the ones intended for PCs anyway. Only problem is, you have to wire up the connection to your PSU yourself, but that isn't very hard to do.
Alright....here is the big question now. Neon or cold cathode?? I was searching everywhere and the standard price for 12" cold cathode (cc) is around 35 - 40, with the 4" versions going for about 25-30. Neons on the other hand are about 20 dollars cheaper for each version , although i have yet to see a 4" neon for computer. can anyone list the benifits of either tube? I know cold cathode last longer, but my main concern is heat. Does neon generate enouhg heat to make a difference? thanks everyone