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Sound Experts advice needed please!

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Nov 2, 2003
I will try to explain my lack of knowledge the best i can:

My setup: PC -> HDMI out of the graphics card -> Yamaha RX-A3070 -> 9.2 Klipsch setup

Windows sound icon right click has the following speaker setups:

Dolby Atmos

My Yamaha RX-A3070 also has:

DTS NEO:6 Cinema
9ch Stereo

-> if i set Windows to Stereo, then i can watch youtube videos normally and my center is firing the voices\

-> If i set it to 7.1 then the center speaker turns off and the others work?!

-> Also there is a significant power level difference between Stereo /5.1 /7.1 (i mean i shouldn't be able to crank up this system to full power and still stay next to it...

I`m thinking of getting a SoundCard and using the spdif on it to pass the sound through.. since HDMI is full of problems apperently.

If any sound gurus can offer me some logical explanation why in this day and age you have 50 settings for sound that all change how your speakers sound??

all of the 5.1 or 7.1 orr 9.1 and dolby Atmos are codecs that need to have material that is "encoded" in such codec to functions properly. The 9ch stereo should put left or right signals to each channel and not need any encoded material to function properly
No actually.. Here i just wanted to understand for ex.. how i can get front channel audio for YouTube besides setting windows speakers to Stereo (that is the only way i found for now to make youtube fire also in the central speaker)
When i watch movies i set it to 7.1 BUT i think once the movie is encoded atmos, and the receiver is set to atmos, it plays atmos even though windows is set to Stereo?!

Sound needs some upgrade that is more unified and understandable :))