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Soundblaster Live and Abit KT7-RAID

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Dec 20, 2000
anyone had any problems?? just upgraded to the following...

KT7-RAID w/ t-bird 1ghz
geforce2 gts
soundblaster live value
256 megs pc 100 ram
maxtor 13 gig ata 66
kinston 10/100 nic

plus dvd and cd-rw,

the sound card sounds almost like its skipping, like a bad cd, and it stops after about 10 seconds after it supposed to. just instlled the newest version of the drivers from creatives site...and live ware also. thanks for the help
check your device manager this may show somthing

remove driver`s and reinstall this might help scan disk and defrag first

and run a utility program like norton this might help

make sure that you removed your old driver`s from your old card this is a must
I have almost the exact same setup as you, except I have a Duron, I have 128 megs of PC-133, but otherwise we are identical, and I am not having this problem. If you'd like me to compress the driver disk I have for my sound card and put it up for FTP download, I'd be happy to do it on Thursday, I'm out of town now.
i actually got it fixed...enabled pnp os in bios, changed teh acpi setting the the 3 one (had no idea what i was doing) and moved it to pci slot 2...works great...now if only i could get eveything off irq 11....
With APCI enabled, don't worry about IRQ conflicts, they should be a non-issue. There are known issues with the ABIT-KT7 and soundblaster Live! soundcards. It appears that changing the PCI slot that the card is in will fix the problem. Again, this is an uncommon problem but it has been reported. There was a thread at anandtech.com discussing this problem a few weeks ago...
yea there arent any irq conflics...cause their all on irq 11...i disabled it and it has sound nic video and usb all on 11