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Soundstorm Alternative??

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I know that the soundstorm boards are the only ones that encode dolby digital on the fly right now, but has anybody heard of any other alternatives in the near future??

Soundstorm has been out for a good year and nobody in the mind has bothered to go DUH that's an awesome idea. I've got no plans to upgrade for a while and would love this feature. Even if I had to buy a creative card. :bang head


Nov 21, 2002
North Carolina
The next best thing is the analog connections... Massive wires everywhere and hopefully getting all the wiring right too... After that, there is the digital PCM (not AC3) method which is still a digital signal... but I am not too familiar with that tho.


Xtreme refugee
Dec 4, 2002
Wilmington DE
I love just plugging in my optical cable in and straight to the z680's. I havnt had a soundcard in since.

I've got a hercules game theater 6.1 and a audigy 2 sitting on a shelf doing nothing.


Aug 15, 2001
Toronto,Canada(I can see you....)
dartor said:
If NVIDIA was smart they would license the technology and lots more people could enjoy it. Greedy SOBs. :mad:

They already made plenty of money implimenting that technology in the Xbox. They didn't licence because Nvidia wants people to use the MCP-T, but it's areally expensive so most motherboard companies don't use it.