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Source for valves?

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Apr 5, 2001
I need a source for 3/8" ID : 1/2" OD gate valves. That's the size tubing used for my water cooling system anyway. I've tried local plumbing shops and Home Depot and struck out - Swiftech wants $25.00 for their fill and bleed kit - anyone have any other reasonable resources for such a beast?

I've got my system filled and closed but only with water. I want to add Water Wetter and put the means in place to keep the thing bled and "tuned up." Any ideas and/or input and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanx.
I would love to be able to make something similar to what I saw on Overclex.net :


Heck, it looks JUST LIKE the swiftech kit

Ok, I found it. You need to get "ball valves". I found them at Home Depot for $5 a pop! Holy s***! You'd need 3 of those; plus t connectors. And shipping, etc. It may be the same price as the Swiftech thing. :eh?:
Smallest PVC ones Home Depot sells in 1/2" isn't it?
And they are big. Real big.
I use them for basic triggers on basic air pressure launchers.

Or do they have tiny ones? If so where?
Brass ones cost to much.

Also, does anyone have a link to an explanation to how to work that tri valve system?
I found this article that inculdes how he used it, but it doesn't tell what parts he used to make it. It is in french, but you can use the google search engine to translate it


I also ran by Home Depots and Lowes sites and found the brass valves, but they want $8.00 to $11.00 for each value. Once you buy all the pieces, That would make the pre-made swiftech kit look like a relative bargin.
Damn, still high. The cheapest I found was at Home Depot still :eh?: I think I'll just do the Swifty fill and bleed; I thought you could get these things for like $2. :eh?:
If you're ok with brass valves, try calling your local mechanical/plumbing contractor (he's bound to have tons laying around) or your local mechanical/plumbing contractors store...note, Lowes, HomeDepot, etc are NOT contractors stores...you can find much better selection and prices at contractors stores, but sometimes they don't allow the public in (ie you have to be a contractor)...
I'll definitely try some. I am going to be buying my watercooling parts in a few days; I just sold about $90 of old stuff on eBay; So, I'll have about $250. I am just waiting for the people to pay. ;)