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SP-A586b Dead Mobo?

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Aug 26, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
Hi guys, I had an old Super Power A586B K6-2 mobo, and it worked a week ago.... and i hadnt used it until today. I tried to turn it on...and no video signal. So i tried a new video card. Same thing.... here is the rundown

power is being supplied to the mobo, because the fan attached to the mobo is working. Also the keyboard is lighting up.

the computer speaker does not beep when the power button is pressed. nor does it display the normal error beep when the vid card is removed. It does beep continuously when RAM is not present.

I have tried all the standard methods of checking it out, differant vid card, differant ram, differant ram slots,

So I think i may have accidentally dropped a metal screw or something and maybe shorted out something? Is there a way to tell how to fix this. My motherboard is old, but I need this specific board and no where carries it. I also cant see the classifieds either yet .... ANY HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 4, 2002
have you tied a new or known-good cpu. i killed my duron 3 weeks ago and i had the same thing, black screen and no beeps. i guess the duron just coudln't handle 2.09 volts:D

if you find a bad spot on the mobo (in the copper traces), you can fix it with the defroster repair kits