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Spacer + Cold Plate

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Apr 21, 2001
Den Haag, The Netherlands
I was wondering.....
If I use a Spacer and Cold Plate (under a Peltier 52W), should I use thermal paste or something between the Spacer and the Cold Plate? Or somehting else, or maybe even nothing at all?
In case of stuff like thermal paste it seems logical to also lap the spacer?

Can someone give me an answer on this? I haven't read anything on this so far (as far as I remember)

thanks in advance
Thanks for you'r reply TT120.

But I was now wondering, would it be a good idea to superglue the spacer and the cold plate on the sides? so that they cannot move. Now What I mean?
I would recommend that you never glue anything together that you might want to get apart later. If you take your time, whatever you are using as a holddown should keep everything in place and snug. Just don't overtighten.
if you get a spacer/shim, get one of the new nonconductive ones, they are absolutely great.