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Sparkle 350watt FSP350-60BTS

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Oct 9, 2002
Sparkle 350watt FSP350-60BTS

I am planning to buy this PSU. It costs $47.00 :)

In Tom's Hardware Guide, a review of 21 PSUs recommended the FSP powersupply (branded as Vertex or something in the review).
In the review, it said that it reached 454Watts :) :) max output power.
Combined 3.3V and 5V is 220W max I think.

What do you think of this suuply..?

Thanks in advance...
How loud it that psu? Does it have a thermal sensor fan or such? I have been looking at that psu for a while also. Probably going to do some stuff and mod out my psu's first then look around if i have to get a new one. I hear the vantecs are really loud compaired to the antec truepowers and i am going watercooling and am trying ot make a really quiet system.
the fan runs full speed all the time. i have it on my 1800 XP. the fan flow quite a lot of air and i cant hear it over my papst 60mm fan on my swiftech mcx370-0a
Where did you see that the sparkle is made by what company in tomshardware review? the Fortron was the one that got 454 watts in the setup. So are you saying, or read etc that fortron makes sparkle psu's? If so, i would really like a link as it would be very interesting. Oh and the antec truepower 380 gave 471 watts. I wonder what the sparkle 400 watt psu could do as it still is cheaper than the truepower 380.
The Conard one is: FSP350-60BTP
the Sparkle one is: FSP350-60BTS
They are the same manufacturer (FSP=Fortron Source Power or something), but I wonder if 60BTP and 60BTS are different. Hope no.

Anybody knows anything about that?


Thanks in advance...
Ok.. The image did not appear.
I will quote:
"The Verax FSP300-60ATV and Conrad FSP350-60BTP models are a good choice for overclockers, since they measured up well and provided a reasonable amount of power in reserve. Both power supplies are stable in use at their specified maximum load. That's not all: both the Verax 300-watt model and the 350-watt Fortron FSP model switch off when they reach 30% overload"

Anybody knows if the Sparkle one IS EXACTLY the same as the Conard?
FSP owns sparkle (and everyone else)

SPI (Sparkle Power Incorporated) is a wholey ownd subsidiary of FSP (Fortron Source Power). I have the Sparkle 350W (FSP-350BTS) and it is a horse. All you have to do to quiet it down is remove the stock NMB 80mm fan and substitute the one of your choice. There are no warranty stickers to prevent you from making the switch. The supply makes the 450W as tested by THG with ease and powers my P4 rig much more easily than the 300W antec I had previously. Highly recommended. Complete specs on the Sparkle branded FSP units can be found at:


afaik this is the exact same unit tested my THG, being -60BT(x) family. I believe the final letter designates the fan type fitted by the OEM in question.

I have never had occasion to try the 400W sparkle, the 350W version being stouter than the 431 Enermax. I can't say I've even considered the true power series because of the value represented by the sparkle at the newegg rates.