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SPDIF Popping and Crackling while idle only (please help)

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Mar 4, 2003
Hello all,

I just purchased an Alienware Aurora r11 (I gave up looking for an RTX 3080, so I bought a prebuilt that was in stock).

I am using a Micca OriGen G2 via the SPDIF audio connector.
When I use the USB connector I get a ton of interference.
When I use analog audio from the 3.5mm sound connector I get bad interferance.
To get clean power to my system I am using a CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System
Speakers: JBL LSR 305s through a JBL LSR 310s
Headphones: Seinheiser 6XX

The SPDIF connector gives me bar none the cleanest sound. HOWEVER, when my system is idle for a short amount of time (totally random could be 5 seconds or 30) I get tons of popping and crackling. Like something is going horribly wrong. If I play any sort of audio it instantly fixes itself. So I have to assume it has to do with being idle.

This experience was very similar on my Alienware Aurora R9 GTX 1080ti (yes...another prebuilt, that time it was the bit coin craze and no cards in stock :rolleyes:). However the popping and crackling only occured when booting up the system and coming out of idle. LIke a quick glitch and no big deal whatsoever.

I cannot find any information for this online. I feel like I'm alone with this issue.

Would buying a magni/modi stack fix this? Are Dells just awful with interference and have crap components and I've had problems with both because Dells are reusing the crap components in multiple systems?


Senior Member
Jun 21, 2002
Definitely sounds like ground interference. Could definitely be an issue on the Dell PCB, some high end motherboards go as far as to isolate the audio traces on their own PCB layer. However if this were the case, I would expect USB to bypass this issue. It could still be a grounding issue in the PC, but it could also, as you say, be an isolation issue in the DAC. I would search to see if other people have similar problems with that DAC. Finally, I'm wondering about your CyberPower UPS. Try plugging the audio equipment into a different outlet. Sure it is supposed to provide clean sine wave power, but there are a lot of electronics that go into a device like that.


Mar 4, 2003
For others who have this problem, the fix is simple, but very little information is out there. It basically comes down to a power management issue with RealTek.

Open regedit and make the following change to fix.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtek\RAVCpl64\PowerMgnt. "Enabled" Needs to be 0

Sorry for the late response. Honestly, I thought I posted this solution when I found it. But when I reformated recently and looked for my post on how I did it, I could not find it. Luckily I had emailed the method to myself. Hopefully, I help at least someone with this.