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Speaker problems

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Mar 12, 2002
I am having problems getting my speakers to work with my sound card. (The onboard sound on Dragon Plus)

The ouputs on the sound card are either rca or optical with 2 headphones for center or subwoofer.

I was planning on using my old 3 pc speaker set. L,R and Sub but it only has a headphone jack. I got an adapter at Radio Shack to convert the headphone to RCA but all I got out is static. I know the sound card works. (borrowed a digital set of speakers) and I know the speakers work (tested on old puter). Is it possible to get the analog speakers to work with digital card?

I looked all through the cards drivers but only found where you could set the speakers to headphones or just 2 speakers but that doesn't solve the problem.

The speakers are Logitech Z-340.

I took a look at the connectors on your board's sound card- pretty cool! Pretty confusing too. Looks like you have digital out for feeding to a preamped sound system.

Is there just a simple headphone connector? Not a minijack, a connector for plugging headphones into. That should work fine, provided your speakers are self-powered.

A line-level output would be best, but if your speakers need an amplified signal all you'll get is static.

You might need to find a digital-to-analog adaptor- Radioshack has them. Hopefully there is an option in software to switch the output to analog.

sorry this isn't too helpful, I'd need the manual for the board and speakers in front of me to give you a better answer:)
no headphones jack on the card. I wish there was.

only outputs are s/pdif and an optical. I know my speakers have an amp in them.

After a bunch of reasearch I found an option to change the spdif input into an analog monitor output. (at least I think that is what the manual is trying to say--some really bad taiwanese to english translation) Then maybe with the adaptor I got it will work with my speakers. I'll fill you in with the details.