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speed issue.

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Feb 20, 2001
I am not sure if i am in the right place, but i need some help.
I have a Celeron 1.7 ghz, 128 ddr, 40 gb hd, ecs vmm2 mobo, machine running on Win xp. The problem is my computer is horribly slow. I do have alot of stuff on there, but i scandisk, scan for virus and defrag on a regular basis. Still no improvements. My p2 seems to run faster then it. I have taken a screen shot of just trying to run the screen saver. If anyone has any suggestions i would be very greatful.
Thank you:(


Inactive Pokémon Moderator
Jun 20, 2001
Vancouver, WA
Angelfire no show pic.... :(

OK, first of all I would download something like Ad-Aware and check for spyware if you don't do that already. That stuff can clog a system up. Then, I'd go through and try to uninstall unnescary stuff that you no longer use. If these suggestions (and what others suggest) don't work, then you could allways try backing up your programs and files and doing a reinstall of Windows (cuz that ALLWAYS speeds you up :) ), but only if the slow problem just refuses to dissappear.



Aug 6, 2002
Chicago, IL
Also try defragging the drive, my work computer was embarrassingly bad and ran much faster after it ran overnight.

Not sure how it got that bad, maybe there isn't enough ram on the machine and all that swapping hosed it up. In any case, I had never seen the whole bar red before, wish I had taken a screenie.


Nov 6, 2002
switch to windows classic. the new gui is the thing causing all your problems.

yes, really.

unless you buy more ram do so now and watch things speed up amazingly

128 is the minimum, not the recommended amount of ram for xp. minimum means you'll get to do stuff but it'll suck.
heck, 256 isn't even enough all the time for stuff like gaming and image editing.