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spitfire or morgan

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Mar 5, 2001
Bristol, UK
Hey guys I was wondering about upgrading my 800MHz duron spitfire to 1.2GHz duron morgan, whats the difference end is it worth it???
Aside from a 50% speed boost the Morgan has the same "guts" as it were as the Athalon MP (minus the extra cache of course). That means that if you want to have the full benefits of the chip that you'll have to do a complete reinstall of your OS. If you just switch chips the system should run stably but it won't have access to all the updated features.

What's the stepping code of your current chip?
Depends. They are not bad at all. Just an XP chip with the less cache. I'd say spend the extra buck and get a 1600+ chip or something! These chips multi-task pretty well, but not enough for me!

It also depends why your upgrading..
First of all, Welcome to the forum.

Post your system information, motherboard, RAM (speed and manufacturer), HSF etc. You may get a better return on the money spent by upgrading to one of the later motherboards with the KT266A chipset. Several of the better performing motherboards can be had for $75 or less.

Good Luck!