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Spread Spectrum

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NAKED Overclockers Unite! Senior
Dec 17, 2000
Milton Keynes UK
Anyone have any ideas what this is - I have an EPoX 8KTA3 with this feature at default bus speeds - what does it do ????

It can be set to -0.5, -0.25 and 0.5 - what do each do ??

Any ideas?
It is for EMC(Electro Magnetic Compatibilty) testing. I have noticed on Abit boards that I had to have it disabled to get an overclock to take.
I asked the same question a while ago and i was told to disable it.

you have negative settings? well then i dont know what they do, i only have .25 and .50. I was told neither would do me any good.

btw Andy- a while back JML was asking for a good mobo, both you and i said Epox 8KTA3, well apparently theres some problem with tbirds? i didnt think so cause ive seen an excellent review using a 1.2 tbird. His post is down a few, i bet youve got the answer, i just tried to re assure him everything was going to be alright.
in telecomms, spread spectrum is a technique used to overcome interference or to hide a signal from unwanted listeners. the bandwidth of the signal is increased, so the transmitter power can be lowered. the overcome interference part would make sense in computers, as enabling spread spectrum does increase stability. it causes a big performance hit, though, possibly due to the extra signal modulation and coding necessary. would be interesting to get a chipset designers info on this...
My Iwill board has that option. There are some other options that I wish there was some more info on though. Like, Passive Release, the book really doesn't describe it well enough. Spread spectrum is an interesting concept, however, I have not messed with it, I know what i'll do though, i'll bench my system (when it runs again heehee) with SS on and then SS off and see if that makes any difference....