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Sqlite vs. MySQL

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Dec 21, 2006
Hey guys,

I am an old enterprise developer used to doing massive databases. Oracle, DB2, stuff like that. I have my own website running off of MySQL and GWT as a framework. I am finding out that GWT, for lack of other words, sucks. It's ten hours of work to do something simple, particularly with data and RESTful web services. I am investigating swapping over to Ruby on Rails, and noticed that a lot of very large websites use that technology. I am needing to develop new websites that do not match our current site, that that's a LOT of overhead with GWT. Apparently, as I am learning first hand by walking though tutorials, Ruby on Rails is about the exact opposite. You do ten minutes of work and get what looks like a highly complicated and fancy/professional result.

I can keep the RESTful server side with Java, and that doesn't really have much of an effect on my time. What kills me is the presentation layer. It. Just. Takes. Forever. With GWT. And I need to swap things around and not take forever. I need to complete Android and iOS apps to link into the data as well, simple apps. Already did an iOS and basic Android app, so need to keep things RESTful.

That said, obviously sqlite is used on the device side for any client side data needs.

Using the tutorials, they are using sqlite server side as well. Per the sqlite web site, they say that if your web traffic is less than 100k hits a day, sqlite works just fine. I deal with like 300. Not 300k. 300. And the data layer is killing me. The marshalling tools for JSON are just not too pretty, performance wise. At least on GWT. Seems the Ruby may be better. But some of the performance issue is not local to the client, part of it is server side as well. The querys seem to run just fine, particularly if run using local tools (C++ accessing MySQL over the internet directly). So the problem appears to be in marshalling the data TO the JSON format as well.

This is not killing the business side, but would be nice to rectify. But the number one problem is simply the mass code and time required to make even minor changes to GWT look and feel.

So, two questions:

-- Easy one: Has anyone used sqlite as their database for web sites, and had to swap to a more robust engine like MySQL or such? What was the volume that made it choke if so?

-- Hard two: Any general thoughts or insights from personal experience based on the overall business situation and needs presented?

(On a side note, I have a data code generator for whatever boilerplate stuff I would need, so that's not a big deal if I have to do a bunch of .rb files to swap over)




Dec 30, 2004
MySQL is pretty much ubiquitous for smaller scale web sites with a database backend. The resources supporting it and its integration with just about every language in existence are practically infinite. That alone, IMO, is reason enough to go with MySQL. I've never used sqlite for server sided applications, I'm sure it would work fine... but I'd lean towards a more tried-and-true solution.