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SSD&HDD suggestion for only reliability

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New Member
Sep 16, 2013
Hello everyone,

I want to get a ssd for os and hdd for storage.

As far as i know that controller is important for performance and long-term being unproblematic.For me, reliable and most important one is steady state performance that ssd is still perform like as fresh as possible even it is full of(%80) data.I heard that sandforce is a little bit problematic.(fix me If I'm wrong). That's why I only add intel my list which has sandforce because of I have some researched intel use their own firmware on sandforce chip and they did many test on it.So that's why I don't add other brands which use sandforce such as kingston etc.

So my options are;
Intel 520/335 series, samsung 840 pro, corsair neutron gtx,(ocz vector?> too expensive) (maybe sandisk because of marvell?)

Which one can you recommend for reliable and long term perform free-problem free?

I want to get 2 or 3TB hdd for storage/rarely runs some programs so speed is not important (movies, games and some iso's)

my options are;
WD Black,Red,Green,AV-GP and Seagate desktop.hdd.15, 7200.14 barracuda and SV35 series.

I know that WD black 5 year warranty.But many people say that it is a little bit noisy and also I will use it for secondary/storage drives thats why I don't think to prefer black.I would buy wd red but someone say that it has tler feature and it is suitable for nas so using on desktop can create some problems?but even if greens and reds are more nondurable than black.I can buy black for storage, as we all know losing all data is a concern.

Thank you so much.

Lady Fitzgerald

Aug 12, 2012
I'm using a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro for my OS and a couple of 2TB WD blacks for storage. One black is an older SATA II model I cannibalized from my old XP machine and the other is a new SATA III model. I can't hear either one of them running unless I have the case open and my ear right by them.

For speed, reliability, and long life, the 840 Pros are in the top two or three, if not on top. Samsung uses their own controllers. I agree the Sandforce controllers, while better now than they used to be, still are a bit iffy. Marvel also has a less than stellar reputation but probably are better than Sandforce. If money isn't a huge concern, I would go with the 840 Pros.

While an SSD won't make a program run faster, programs put on an SSD will load much faster. If you can afford it, it would be worth getting an SSD that is big enough to also put your games on. Keep in mind SSDs will perform best and last longer if you maintain at least 20-25% empty space on them.

Amongst the WD drives, the Blacks are the most reliable. The Reds were designed for continuous use in RAID arrays and aren't as fast as the Blacks. Some of the Blues can give the Blacks a run for money (the 1TB is actually a bit faster than the same size Black). The Greens are not very reliable over the long term and are the slowest of the ED lineup. I use them for backup drives since they will run only occasionally. For reliability, I would suggest the Blacks, followed by the Blues. One advantage of the Blacks is they do have that five year warranty. I feel that is worth the extra cost.

No matter how reliable a SSD or HDD may be, it is still subject to failure. The only way to reasonably ensure you will not lose your data is to have at least two backups of your data, one onsite and one offsite. A RAID, such as 5 or 6, will ensure you will have continuous operation should one or two drives fail, but the drives are still subject to damage from viruses, equipment failure, fire, and natural disasters, not to mention theft.

I'm not that familiar with the 3.5" Seagates since I haven't used any since I got burned on a couple of them back during the 7200.11 debacle. Supposedly, they are better now.


Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
For storage get 2 cheaper HDD and set RAID1 if you care about data or use simple USB external drive to make backup of both system ( image for fast recovery ) and data drives.
Drives can fail no matter what model or brand you choose. There is low % of RMA for SSD and most available drives will be within' 1-2% rate but still you never know when drive will fail.
Sandforce issues were fixed some time ago but there are faster series right now. I would get Samsung 840 Pro or Sandisk.

I wouldn't say that WD Blacks are most reliable. Some models had one of highest RMA rate in last year ;) It looks like higher capacity = higher failure rate and I wouldn't connect it to drive series.
From WD best are RE4. They're faster in random transfers ( not like anyone notice difference between 2 and 3MB/s :D ) but cost some more.
I'm quite disappointed by WD Red. I was counting on some good drives for RAID and backup but so far I see they're not much better than Blue/Green series.


New Member
Sep 16, 2013
first of all thanks for your interest and help :) I would go with RE4 but it is expensive.So I will go with WD Black 2TB.

I'm considering to buy 840 pro but can you also tell your experiences or any kind of comments that you heard about Intel 520 series and Neutron GTX?


In this test 840 well perform very well but why Vector performs so high in terms of 840 pro and also Intel has a little bit less SSP performance in terms of 840 pro.but anyway reliability much more important :)

Thank you so much again :)


New Member
Apr 24, 2013
Yes, no questions can be raised on recent sandforce controllers reliability. To me whether these controllers are integrated with Intel or not I strongly believe they are the best from reliability & performance point of view