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SSD Tester?

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Nov 28, 2001
I'm looking for a application (preferably open source/freeware) that will test a SSD for any faults. More specifically I have a SSD that seems to randomly disconnect. There are no SMART errors on the SSD, but for some reason while it was in a ZFS array it just disconnected twice, so I took it out of service. (I have a dozen other SSDs of the same exact model in the same ZFS array and they haven't disconnected). I want to test it to see if there really is a problem, or if it was some other issue (cabling? power?), but all I keep finding for SSD test seraches is the usual programs that read SMART data, or just test read/write speeds. I need something that can write/read the SSD to capactiy to ensure there are no bad blocks, that everything written is read back correctly, and that all space is in fact usuable, and of course, that it doesn't disconnect during all that testing.

The closest program I find that sounds like it can do the task is Hard Disk Sentinel and it's surface test. However, I find no mention anywhere if the surface test is spinning disk only, or if it can be performed on a SSD, and the trial version being very limited, doesn't even allow a surface test evaluation.

I took a look at the SMART data again of this SSD on a different PC. All seems normal, except the Power On Count and Power On Hours.
Power On Count is reporting 16056564 counts.
Power On Hours is reporting 271978 hours, which with some quick maf means this SSD was powered for more then 31 years....

a) I have a modern SSD that was made back in late 80's, mabye begining of 90's running since then in my hands,
b) Crystal Disk Info isn't reading the POC and POH correctly for this SSD, or
c) There is something wrong with the SSD firmware itself, but not really something wrong with the drive space.

I'm gonna load up some other SMART readers and see what they report on this drive.
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I used the free version of HD Tune to do a read only "surface scan" on SSDs. That's when I found some cheaper models had data rot over time.

I find some SMART reports can be a bit nonsense, as such I'd only let the manufacturer's own tool to interpret that data.
Thanks for the recommend. I remember using HD Tune long ago, but strange it never came up in my searches.

I just tried to format the drive in Disk Management and it kept giving a cyclic error. And running the HD Tune surface test immediately errored on the first block, and keeps erroring on every block after.

So dead drive. I gotta check the warranty and see if I can exchange it at Microcenter. Its one of thier in house brand SSD.