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ssd under performing. something wrong.

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May 6, 2008
I first noticed this drive acting strange when loading a new game. Peaked at 100% just loading a level and the game itself was stuttering. Since it was a newly installed game I did not think to much of it. I restarted computer and it was fine since. I was downloading a new game and the SSD was pegged at 100%. Decided to run this little benchmark.

Any ideas on what I should check or do next? Thank you.

SSD is not the greatest quality, but something is defiantly wrong with these speeds.



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    j disc test.JPG
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Not sure what that test is or why it's using such small data sizes. The smaller the file size, the slower transfers are. SSD specs aren't measured like that. They use large file sizes and list peak transfer speeds. Try running ATTO, or CDM for a better look at things across a broad swath of data sets. Have you looked at SMART data? Maybe it will give you an idea of what's going on.

You can try to secure erase it and start over... but I'd have to guess it's crapping out. If you put the game (what game??) On another drive, does it do the same thing? Does another game behave the same way on this drive? Is this the first time you installed this game?

Backup that data and find another budget SATA SSD before it just quits is my suggestion.
Two things:

(1) Have you tried doing a TRIM on the SSD?
- If you have not run a trim (disk optimization in Windows) on the SSD in a while, it will slow down on writes.

(2) Are you at >75% of the storage capacity of the SSD?
- SSDs lose write speed when they start to get full.
Screesnshot shows 368 of 475 free. All good there.

TRIM should be running automatically (assuming modern Windows here), but forcing it and making sure it's enabled is a great idea.

EDIT: Another thing for the OP, if you want to run that test again, run 1k to 64 MB, maybe. This way, it mimics ATTO and other tests. If those larger file sizes aren't reaching the listed speeds, you indeed have an issue. You should be ramping up more by 32k tho I'd guess... but we'll see.
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Thank you. I used an app I had laying around. Will try those other applications when I get home.

new ssd, maybe a few months old.
Win 10 pro 64bit
Battle.net and a few steam games on this drive. Seemed to be working fine when first installed. Then I started playing diablo 2 resurrected and loading up that game was iffy at first. I googled it and it seemed a lot of peeps had poor optimization when it was first released. It worked fine after a restart. Then when downloaded the free version of warhammer vermintide 2 I saw the drive stuck at 100% and the download speed peaking and falling. Usually it peaks and hovers/ish. Showed me something might be wrong or limiting SSD. Than ran that test that happened to be in my list of apps I have.

Here is a screen shot of the same app running on 2 other drives I was using just to compare. Will run larger file size and those other apps when I get home.

Thank you.


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    c disc test.JPG
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You can also try switching SATA ports and cables. Perhaps one of those went bad. Also, try that SATA drive in another PC and see if the behavior travels. If it does, it's the cable or the drive. If it doesn't it's something on your PC.
a few things, the link shows a TLC nand drive vs the program saying it is a QLC nand drive. i can not find a single review on that driver there is no telling what controller it uses or Nand ic's. in your other post the WD black SN750 is a nvme drive, those are just going to be faster. samsung just makes all the parts so they have more control, that is why most if not all suggest samsung ssd's. even the last pic of the samsung drive look how little free space it has to pull those kind of numbers. any other drives with around that little free space take a hit in performance. i highly doubt its the sata port unless your running it on a SATA II port. the higher the Q depth the better performance will show for drives. windows does alot of little writing in the 4kb to 16kb range. though loading maps and textures for games are going to be larger file sizes. could also check in device manager in windows, if you are running that. look for the drive there, go into the properties, then policies, make sure enable write caching on the device is checked off. make sure the one that has turn off below it is not checked off. after that, maybe the company has a new firmware you MIGHT be able to update the drive with. if they are a company that uses what ever lower tier components they can get, they wont have new ones.

with the right options for benchmarks or what ever they used for those numbers on microcenter, they can make it look good. UP TO is always that it might get there it might not, just like USB sticks/Micro SD/SD cards. only drives i have ever seen hit those numbers with out needing to certain options are the samsung drives. i am going to say it right now it is the drive components nothing to do with your pc setup. if it was your pc setup then the other drives would be suffering as well.
with the right options for benchmarks or what ever they used for those numbers on microcenter,
That would be the specs the company provides. MC doesn't test or make up specs.

i have ever seen hit those numbers with out needing to certain options are the samsung drives.
Really? I can't think of one that doesn't hit the listed specs. They typically don't touch QD to make up numbers but use the apps default settings. Take a look at all of our SSD reviews on the front page. I can't think of one that didn't hit the rated specs.
Moved SATA cable between drives and now all work well enough. Must have been a loose cable.?