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SSDs Come Of Age . . .

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Dec 13, 2003
Tempe Desert
"SSDs Come Of Age . . . "

So what about hybrid drives that everyone (Microsoft, Samsung, Hitachi) was talking up? Only seems like a logical step between the uber expensive SSD's and rust...
Maybe just adding a giant cache/buffer doesn't end up yielding the performance improvement everyone was hoping for and it isn't worth it? Seems like a good idea to me...:shrug:


Frustrating Senior SETI Nut!
Dec 9, 2002
CA- Not far from the Allen SETI array
With the rapid downward pricing in flash memory it is logical that these ssd's will become more affordable. Unfortunately the pricing seems to remain at the $1,000+ level even after 3 years of component price reductions.


High Speed Premium Senior
Aug 5, 2002
Yeah the pricing is up there otherwise I'd be on this with the decent sized 128Gigs coming soon. Just those $1000+ Prices even for the 64Gig models really suck.

I mean if we can go out today and even get 2Gig of Micro SD card for under $30 you'd since the chips are surly bigger than whats in that even it should defiantly be affordable to us in the near future. Since those have to come at a nice price premium just because its so small even though thats dirt cheap.