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SSE support?

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Sep 19, 2002
Chicago, IL
It looks like there was a patch done by Doug Ledford to add Pentium III support to the kernel. From what I could find, it looks like the patch was for different versions of the 2.2.* kernel, ie. 2.2.5, 2.2.12, 2.2.17 and later. Experimental support was added to the 2.3 kernel, and I believe that SSE support was fully added starting with the 2.4 kernel.

You might want to check out Doug's home page for more info:


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
It should be in the latest 2.4, which is 2.4.18 or .19 AFAIK.

You must specifically enable it I think, or choose Pentium3/Pentium4 in CPU support section.



Senior Member
Oct 31, 2001
I don't think you need to enable P3/P4 in the kernel for SSE instructions to work.

That setting is mostly for optimizations in the kernel, and there's a few other cpus that can do SSE besides the P3/P4.

I'm not even sure that kernel support is required for a program to issue sse instructions, although support might be needed to properly handle faults and context switches and things involving SSE.