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stable MP Athlon board??

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Jan 31, 2002
Out looking for ET... in IL, USA
I keep reading all this stuff about bad USB and all this other stuff. Everyone seems to have a different view. IO have been looking at the Tyan Tiger MP (S2460). That is the main difference between MP and MPX chip set? All i have read about is the MPX birdge have USB problems that are fixed now maybe. I don't care about O'C *sorry but if i use to actual MP 1900+ then that is so much power i am not worried about OCing. Also don't care about onboard stuff. i have a SB Live, 64 MB 3D Prophet and a 3COM Nic. So what is a good stable board? And i am a student so cheap is good that is what i like the Tyan.


Just Another Retired Moderator
Dec 19, 2000
Lawrenceville, GA
Tyan S2460 should serve you well if you want to save a little. Very stable board and the main difference between the MP and MPX is the addition of 66MHz/64-bit PCI slots on the MPX whereas the MP only has 33MHz/64-bit slots. Unless you plan on running an extremely expensive SCSI RAID array to carry all that bandwidth, I would go with the Tyan and save a few bucks.

Memory bandwidth difference between the two is negligible.


Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
New egg has refurbished Tyan S2460 for 129.99

Actually many many people sent returns out of frustration and not because thay where bad lol.

So if I was in the markes I would go Refurb !


Dec 20, 2000
If your trying to keep price down don't build a dual processor system at all. Build a nice single processor system instead. Go to the www.2cpu.com forums and take a look around. There are people having enough issues with dual AMD systems already. There are issues with the AMD AGP driver not getting along well with more recent video card drivers and problems with these boards being picky about ram. The last thing you want to do is cause yourself even more problems by skimping on components and getting components of questionable quality and reliability. If you do skimp on components and then have stability problems you won't know whether it's the normal issues people have with these boards or whether it's because your el cheapo components are causing the issues. If I were gonna build a dual AMD system I'd buy MPs, good quality ram, a good quality power supply and I'd make sure I got a newer board with the new southbridge chip which has been fixed. If you don't do that your asking for trouble.