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Starting my own browser MMO. Tell me what you think.

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Aug 19, 2005
Los Angeles, California
Here's the overview I've written up. Tell me what you think?

Title: FreeWorld​
Description: A browser MMORPG that takes place in a fictional post-cataclysmic world.

After a cataclysmic event ravaged earth and killed off 99.9% of the population, the remaining people now struggle to survive. Some survivors have gathered together to live in self-sustaining and lawful communes, others joined blood-thirsty marauders and some took refuge under the tyrannous rule of a new-found government. War is continuously waged among the three factions.

Disclaimer: Everything below is not set in stone, they are basic, rough ideas for the game and all criticism and opinion is welcome.

Basic Features:
• Long term gameplay and unfolding storyline (like neopets)
• Freedom to do practically anything
• Unregulated economy
• Ability to craft, upgrade items.
• 1v1 and group PVP
• An enormous, explorable map.
• 3 rival factions, each with pro’s and cons
• Class trees with 3 basic and 12+ advanced classes.
• Multiple professions, skills and feats.
• No level cap but leveling becomes harder as you go up, so newcomers don’t join and have to put up with godly players as in LPC.
• Guilds and gangs.
• Player created outposts and towns.
• Vehicles available for high end players
• Hundreds of items – weapons, armor, clothing, food, crafting materials, and miscellaneous items

Character creation and advancement:
• Upon joining the game, the player must choose to be either lawful or unlawful (and thus joins either the lawful communes or the unlawful “pirates”. The totalitarian government will act as an antagonist for both factions and cannot be joined initially. The player will also have choices to switch factions later in the game)
• Players will then choose from 3 basic classes: Fighter, Merchant, or Scout
• Character stats will consist of Strength ( affects melee weapons, ability to carry things and health), Endurance (affects ability to travel, put up with disease, hunger, and health), Agility (affects ability to travel, dodge, & more), Dexterity (affects long range weapons, crafting, theft & more), Intelligence (affects crafting, ability to interact with the world)
• Characters progress through the game by exploring, doing quests, by doing pretty much anything.
• Some of the advanced classes will be: Blacksmith, engineer, Thief, Assassin, Ranger, Grunt, Logistics Officer (medic/support hybrid), Explorer.

• For each player the map will start out unexplored. Exploring the map reveals it and lets you go back to places you’ve already visisted.
• Ability to interact with the map (Examples: you find a safe but you cannot open it, come back with explosives or a welding torch.)
• In the center of the map will be the main town called Barter Town, where any faction can enter but their weapons are taken away for the duration. This town will be accessible at higher levels.
• Characters will be “stationed” wherever the players leave them.
• Certain areas will be hard to get to. Some will be radioactive, some will require travel by boat, and some will have severe weather conditions. Aggressive NPC characters will block passage to others. A lot of these areas will be for high-levels and some will require people to work in groups.


• Crafters will be able to create a variety of items: weapons, armor, ammo, traps, health kits, wagons.
• Crafters will also take a large part in creating outposts, towns and defenses.
• Crafters can also upgrade weapons (for example, make a weapon sharper or lighter)
• Crafters will be able to setup shops and sell things wherever they want.

Guilds and Gangs
• Lawful players will be able to form Guilds, where they can share resources, explore, fight as a group. They will also be able to create their own outposts and towns, which other players might visit for protection for a small fee.
• Gangs are the Guild equivalent for unlawful players and will have minor differences.

Freedom Aspects:

• Players can kill and steal from other NPCs and players. If caught, their moral standing is affected.
• Players can interact with the environment in many ways.
• Raids on towns and outposts

Other about the game:
• Moral decisions (to be part of a faction, you must have the required moral standing)
• Players will have to worry about things like hunger, thirst, disease, shelter and rest.
• There will be a limit on the number of quests and exploring you can do per day.
• Each player will be allowed 2 characters, but only on the same faction.
• Players can upgrade their towns and make permanent changes.
• PVP rewards and rankings.

What now:
Still need more ideas on how to make the game better. Need to finalize the classes. Decide how many fictionary elements there will be. (For example, include things like zombies? Magic? Lasers? Aliens lol?)
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Aug 24, 2007
Sounds like a good idea to me. Do you even have a team put together though? Gonna take a lot of art and coding..

Check this place out, it's a really good mud, been around forever and plays a bit like you said. Spend at least a few hours playing, I'm sure you'll get some great ideas. http://tdome2.com