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***** starting to get expensive again!

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Dec 9, 2002
CRAP starting to get expensive again!

Are the good days of being able to build a decent cheap dually over. DDR-2, PCI-Express x16, upto 32GB of ddr 4300 memory...DAM.., I'm glad to see the dual market growing into the gaming arena with dual graphics on a dual xeon or dual core opterons, though it seems Im going to be keeping my athlon mp2600 for a looooooooooong time. :eek:

and this thing about dual 64-bit (dual core or not) cpu gaming...oxymoron?
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Nov 10, 2003
Canberra, Down Under
Yup, the good ol' days of cheap duallies are over, at least for those of us outside the US. Extract of a usenet post I made a while ago:

======== BEGIN EXTRACT ========

Here's a comparison of dual
modded 2500's vs dual 240's ($NZ prices):

Dual A32 (pretty much my current setup):
CPUs 145 x2 (XP2500 x2)
HSF 50 x2 (TT Silent Boost x2)
M/B 430 (Gigabyte or MSI)
Ram 140 (1x512mb generic PC2700 non-reg)
Total 960

Dual A64:
CPUs 420 x2 (240 x2)
HSF 50 x2 (TT Silent Boost K8 x2)
M/B 580 (Tyan S2875ANRF, only board under $1k)
Ram 160 x2 (2x256mb generic PC3200 ecc reg)
Total 2420

For a rough comparison, wages are about the same in NZ and the US without
taking into account the exchange rate (ie: a $NZ30k/yr job here is a
$US30k/yr job in the US).

For a board that has dimms for each CPU, you're looking at another ~400 on
the board cost, plus another 320 for extra RAM (add another 140 to the A32
setup to bring it to 1gb as well). So you'll end up with ~2940 for the dual
240's, vs ~1100 for the dual A32 system. Certainly, the A64 system is more
powerful, but not so much more powerful that it warrents costing nearly
three times as much. Using the rough price-halves-every-18-months rule, a
dual 240 system isn't going to get to my definition of affordable (using
the A32 point as being barely affordable) for another 2 years, ie: mid 2006,
or about when the K9's start hitting the shelves.

To become even a vaugely viable option for me, the CPU costs have to come
down a lot. The cost of the two 240s alone is about the same as the cost of
the entire dual A32 upgrade ...

======== END EXTRACT ========


May 23, 2002
Well you also have to look at the fact that XP's are old and are dieing out and thus their cheap price, I do remember when dual Tbirds (yes bird) were ungodly expensive as well. It's a new technology everyone is gonna milk the earnings and then it will drop in price just like current chips are, and then the big new bad CPU's are gonna be really pricey too...just a cycle.