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Starting up my watercooling setup

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May 1, 2001
I went out and bought a heater core the other day, about 12" by 9" by 1.5-2"(thickness, of course) for $15(CDN). I should have some numbers/pictures up soon, but I don't have a pump yet, so all I can do is speculate and ask advice :) I bought a RIO 600 pump(200gph, submersible circulation pump), $17.99(w/o shipping). I haven't recieved it yet though, ordered it about 4 hours ago.

Just for fun, cuz I was exited about the heater core, I set it up at my friends house feeding HOT(hot tap water) in the inlet, and blowing a fan thru the fins. Although I don't have the equipment(yet) to record actual temps, I can say that the water that came out of the radiator wasn't burning, as in, I could stick my hand in the stream and I was fine with it(the water coming out of the tap burned of course). The amazing thing was the air coming out of the thing was really really warm, I'm talking hairdryer heat. Hopefully I'll be able to get enough air going through there to make it efficient.

The main question I have is what water block to get. I don't feel like spending a fortune on the thing, but it is one of the most important components of the setup. I'm leaning towards a DD maze block, but I'd like to get some input from other people, what's worked best for you guys etc. The radiator is brass btw, so that shouldn't cause problems with a copper block...possibly not aluminum either.
Welcome to the forum... your definately on the right track with the DD water block I have yet to see a bad thing said about the DD product only praise.
Don't know about the RIO pump though I have seen some grumbles about that one.
Well, the way I look at it, the pump cost me $18, so if it breaks, or won't do what I want it to then I'm not out a great deal of money. The cheapest pump I could find around here was a 210gph pump for $77!
Welcome and hello

I use a Rio 180 pump and it's pumping water through my setup just fine. I also have the DD maze water block and it also works great for me. It is currently on an old AMD k6-2 500 but soon will be moved to my PIII 733. The thing I like about this block is that It works well with both types of chips the socket 7 and PIII's socket 370. It's a versatile block and got my vote.

The DD maze block keeps my ADM 500 chip down to a cool and happy 25C which is right around room temp. I use a radiator that looks something like the huge cooling cube. it's a 22 pass monster. Works great for me. A little overkill, yes, until I get my peltier.

Overall I like DD products, there well constructed and they actually test there stuff to make sure it's good. If you get a chance check out the cool video of them blowing up one of there Water blocks. It's quite amusing.
I have been using Overclock-Watercool's Ultimate Socket copper block. Works extremely well.
I actually might get my friends dad's friend to machine one for me. The problem is the shipping mainly. The DD maze block would be $34USD with the hold-down, but shipping is $10, which puts the cost up to $44. In canadian money, that's $70. $70 is far more than I want to pay for the waterblock.