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StatsMan changes for Folding

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New Member
Oct 10, 2002
I have completely rewritten the data collection backend and the html page generation, so that the processing of the data is now about 300% faster on the backend. I have also decided to limit the Users and Members tables to the top 1000 of each. This makes for less history storage on my side and for much faster loading pages. Sorry to the folks that were listed from 1001-2000, hopefully those people will look at this as an incentive to keep folding and maybe increase their boxen to get into the top 1000 of their teams. For most teams the members ranked below 1000 account for less than 5% of the teams total, so it really shouldn't take much effort to get to the top 1000 on any team. Those teams with fewer than 1000 members are not affected of course.

Note that the week totals will not be accurate until next weekend when I have collected a week's worth of data again. :)

Also, some of you have noticed weird pages/images getting loaded when accessing my web site. I have opened numerous trouble tickets with the hoster (or is that hoser? :mad: ). They have been changing/updating their DNS servers and apparently that has been causing these problems. Usually a refresh fixes the problem and gets the correct page. Thanks for your patience in this area.


On a string I was held Senior
Jul 11, 2001
i live
thanks for the news statsman and thanks for working hard on the stats! We really appreciate the site and the stats!



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Feb 20, 2001
Lol, I have a screenshot of when I went to team 10346s page and it brought up a picture of...ehh... a printer?

I will post it when I get home, just for the fun of it.