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Steam Holiday Sale 2009 - Resistance Is Futile

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Jan 4, 2009
If i played and loved every other GTA game , will i like this one as well ?Only thing holding me back is the whole need to register 3 accounts just to play , do i need to do that for single player as well ?


Nov 18, 2003
Kansas City, KS USA
Street Fighter 4 sucks. I cant believe I listened to a friend and bought it. I wish I could gift it to someone else.

I did pick it up also...

My experience has been quite the opposite :bday:

EXTREMELY addictive for me, in the special way only a hair-pullingly unforgiving 2D fighter can be =)!

Though I was concerned about the Super Street Fighter 4 release this year, I came to snatch the $9.99 deal based on two things: 1) Based on Capcom's history, it may be at least another 1/2-year post console release until SSF4 will find its way back to the PC, and 2) when SSF4 does become availiable for the first time, I want to be "trained up."

I've played almost exclusively online play so far, and have had only 2 matches where there was any noticeable slowdown due to connection. Even then it was gradual and didn't fully interrupt the flow of the match (more like a flash game/movie where too many items can cause a temporary slowdown).

I wouldn't blame anyone for not finding SF4 to be to their particularly liking, but if you're capable of falling in love with a challenging 2D fighter in this day and age, I'm sure there's a place in your heart for this title :).

PS: for goodness sakes don't play this without a decent gamepad/arcade stick! :p

[EDIT]: Steam is having an encore sale today with some of the previous deals, but there's only about 2.5 hours remaining! hop to it!
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Dec 27, 2004
Sale seems to be over.

Had to be one of the greatest PC Game sales of all time!

Dont think I have ever bought so many titles in a short period of time before.


Nov 15, 2007
xbox and playstation controllers are gonna be the best ones you can use on a pc, I have an old ps2 type adapter. been using it for a long time now. would have gotten street fighter just to mess around.