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Step by Step on flashing an Iwill Mobo

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Feb 2, 2001
Can someone who has the product offer some advice on doing this? I don't want to f*ck this up. I need to flash my KK266 rev 1.1 with the newest turbo bios for the higher multipliers and the improved ram features.

To those of you have don't have this board, no offense but no input is required here. It might be the same for all boards, (I've never done it) but just the same I want the advice to be from someone who has done it with the same mobo etc. Again, no offense.

Iwill has made the bios update very simple for the KK266 motherboard.
1. You will need a format a floppy and choose Format Type: Full and clear any text in the Label box line if any. You can format a floppy disk by right click on the A: drive and select format.

2. Download the latest Bios 0307 from Iwill and unzip it, you will get a KKR0307 folder. Open the folder and copy the three files to the formated floppy disk. Now you have everything you need to flash the bios.

3. Before you flash you bios, you will need to go into the bios to change: BIOS-ROM FLASH PROTECT to Flashable. If you want a better insurance, don't overclock you PC while you flash your bios. Boot a couple of time to check your pc is running fine.

4. To flash you bios, Hit ALT-F2 when ask at startup. It will look for the AWDFlash.exe. Now insert the floppy with bios and hit enter, then it will show you the bios you wanna flash which is KKR0307.BIN. Just hit enter and it will start updating automatically. Don't hit any key, it will restart on its own after it's done, if not exit the program and shut down with the power bottom.

5. Go inside the bios menu and load setup default. After that setup the bios the way you want it and change back Flashable to Non-Flash and save changes to reboot. I have to said the risk is minmum with this procedure. All I can think of for a failure would be power outage. Done for now, I hear there could be a new bios with some bugs fix soon.

I have to said the bios update instuction on Iwill website is quite confusing. I used to use a bootable floppy with the bios files but the way I just told you is so much easier. If you still has any doubt, check with few more people on how they flash their Iwill KK266. Good luck.
Nomis' description is very good. I think though, that the floppy has to be made bootable (i.e. the dos command is "format a:/s" or from within WIN98 it's copy system, files only.

Whoo Hooo.... thanks Nomis and Yo... excellent step by step. That one goes in the file.. I appreciate the time you took to respond and the detail you provided. Thanks again.
What is even better is the following;

Quiet 1 , if you spend alittle time reading the threads and posts on this site and cannot, never, ever , w/o doing a bit of leg work (i.e DO your HOMEWORK) find what you are looking for try, then buy a MAC.

I saw the thread a couple of weeks ago, where someone went off on newbie's and such, but there are lots of folk here that are too damn lazy to look for the answers to the ? and expect those who do know or are aware of the answer to do their work for them.
There is a wealth of info here & other places, if you are willing to exspend some effort.
Overclocking is not a spectator sport !!!!!!!

Sorry Daniel,but it does get old.
Well I downloaded the latest bios and tried to unzip it. WinZip 8 seems to have a problem with this file any suggestions? It looks like it unzipped but when I try to flash it says that Awardflash.exe not found.

I followed the instructions above although some things didn't seem to go quite as described. I did not make the disk bootable.....
should self extract into a folder. did you get it from iwill. I will email you the 0307. YGM :)
Seabhac, If you download the bios from Iwill website, you don't need WinZip to extracted. Just click on the downloaded file, then you'll a folder containing the needed files. Put only the files, not the folder in a floppy disk. Make sure you change the Bios option in the bios menu to Flashable.
If you download the new bios from a website other than Iwill, you will get a zip file. The included AwardflashXXXX.exe is either been edit or the bios doesn't recognize it because of a slightly different name. You'll need to make a boot disk on this one to work. Let me know if you need anymore instruction.
well I sent you the three files that come from iwill it is the kkr0307.bin because you do have the raid board I hope. just use the alt f2 method and you won't have any problems.