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step-thermodynamics, anyone know about them?

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Those are Global win HSFs that they are calling "STEP-UP™ KODIAK 6000 Pure Copper Cooling System" (Thats actualy a CAK38) and that little board they are calling a STEP ThrottleBody™ Accelerator Card! is actualy a simple voltage regulator, they dont even have a heatsink on the LM317 regulator. I would NOT buy anything from these guys infact im going to send an email to globalwin. If you want to make one of the "STEP ThrottleBody™ Accelerator Card!" just go to http://webook.fset.de/20091999PHCHO/DATASHEETS/317.htm

It looks like a total scam so far.

I thought it smelt a lill fishy.

I have a GW WBK-38 and one of them looks just like it.

I think I am going with a Thermalright SK6.
Here is my story with Step. I ordered a m/b combo from them on 5/23/01. I upgraded it to 512 meg of ram on 5/30/01. Got an email thanking me for the upgrade on 6/4/01. They state in all their acknoledgement emails and on their website that they will gladly give status updates. Started sending emails to ask a question about my order on 6/4/01. After a couple of days of no replies, tried their phone. No Answer, ever. Tried sending faxes. Still no answer. Finally on 6/12/01, I had had enough and sent an email and fax stating my displeasure at being ignored and stating I was going to start proceedings to dispute the charges to my credit card. I then got a reply from someone saying he would have somebody check on my order immediately.
After no reply from that someone by the next day, I sent another fax and email stating my intentions to cancel my order. I then received an email stating that they could send me part of my order, the ram and the hsf, as that was all that was done testing. He also gave me the opton to cancel my order. I then replied asking what good would the ram and hsf do me without the m/b and cpu. I asked him to give me a reason to not cancel. I waited until midday on 6/14/01 and after not getting any reply I faxed and emailed them a letter asking for a refund to my credit card. Still no reply. After 2 of 3 hours and a couple of more emails sent to them, Itold the iin the last I was going to dispute the charges and that I had already been in contact with VISA. That got an immediate reply saying that they do their refunds by check and not by credit card and that they had been replying to my emails. That was BS as far as I was concerned. I don't beleive in little email gremlins eating certain emails. I then said a check would be alright as long as it didn't take too long. I received an email from a lady at Step on 6/15/01 saying "my refund had been taken care of". This Wednesday, 6/27/01, after still no check. I tried their phone, No answer. Emails, no replies, Fax, number does not answer. I started the dispute process with my credit card company on 6/27/01. Still no reply from Step. So, Iwould say BEWARE of them!
Wow sorry to hear that man. I knew by the products that they were scaming on the HSF but wow sound like a total scam now.

Any time a credit card is used for a purchase, if you get a refund ALWAYS have it put back on the credit card. Most legitimate businesses insist on this.

I emailed this company and got an immediate response from an auto sender saying they aren't even reading their email anymore.
I sent an email to GlobalWin about this site and I just got a reply

"Thank you for your information. I will pass it to our legal people for further discussion. "

I hope GlobalWin sues there butts off