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Stepping Explanation please???

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Feb 4, 2002
can anyone explain to me what stepping is ??

i see it a lot and i'm just curious?
They just give you a little bit of information about the production date so you can hopefully pick a CPU from a batch that o/c well.
The stepping on a CPU is a mixture of the place, date, and type of CPU it is. So its just a classification on the details of a family of CPUS....like you have Kingdom, Phylum, Genus.....Stepping. heh...sorry that was bad I know.:)
so how would i be able to get differnet steppings???
each chip only has one stepping. So you would need to buy many chips to get different steppings, so you would need more computers to put them in:) Some sites list the stepping of the chips they are selling, you also might ask a seller what the stepping of the chip is before you buy.