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Still got high temps even with the alpha and artic silver (WARNING!!!LONG) :)

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Door Knob

Feb 9, 2001
Ok..I got my artic silver and alpha heatsink in the mail today and was verry dissapointed to see that the alpha Pep66 font fit on the asus cusl2 mobo unless the fan is on top. The only problem with that is I have a mid-case, so the delta fan would be sitting flush with the psu (not good). So I was able to rig the power supply at the very top of the case giving me 1 and 1/4 inch breathing room for my fan (not a lot but best it could be). So I fired her up and at windows got an idle temp of 38C (i was gettin 41C w/ the chrome orb) and under load 49C (53C previosely). I tried switching the fan around to blow air instead of sucking....same results. My sistem is an 800EB @ 930 around w/ 1.9 voltage. My case runs cool its at 27C throught the ordeal.
So anyone have any idea why my temps are so high. I was hopping for a 10 degree drop w/ the alpha and artic silver but only got 3 degrees difference. My case is naked by the way for this so I can get in and out easy.

My possible ideas for problems.
1. Not enough clearence for the fan.
2. I have moved the heatsink a ton getting the fan and case on. Could I have spread the artic silver too thin?
3. It looks like I scratched the heatsink a tiny bit (who knows).
4. Those pads that it comes with are not allowing enough pressure between the heatsink and the processor.

Any help is MUCH appreciated.
I'll be messing around and sure to update soon.
Update...I tried reversing the case fan adjacent to the processor, see if changing the air current would help...no noticable change. Threw the sleeves back on the case and did some testing. Cpu temp was around 2C higher all around with this on and mobo temp went up a degree. I have been using asus probe to determine my cpu temps...i just read a thing saying that the probe reads temps 7-10C too high...the one that came on the mobo disk was way the hell off but i udated to a newer version which gave realistic temps. I am gunna stress the hell out of my processor and then quickly shut down and check the bios temp (which i heard might be wrong too).
Another update...restarting and getting into bios takes way too long to find an acurate underload temp. But interestingly it appears that my bios temp is 5C lower than asus probe. At stock settings in bios got a temp of 27C! Overclocked to 930 @ 1.7V brought it up to 35C. So the voltage alone looks to have lowered temps 5 degrees in bios but without difference in asus probe. My conclusion...asus probe sucks. Anyone know any other software out there? I plan on lapping this bad boy and try putting it back on, that might help as well.