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Still impatiently waiting for my GLACIATOR

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New Member
Jun 10, 2001
Anyone else out there order a Millenium Glaciator yet and get it? I know there were some delays and such described on the site, but I ordered mine on May 31 and I still haven't even gotten and email saying that it was shipped out yet! I got a 1.33Ghz AYHJA T-bird on Wed. and it's just Killing me that I can't use it yet.......Just wondering if anyone else has ordered one recently and received it yet?
I ordered mine on June 3 and though I received an order confirmation via E-mail right away (the paypal stuff was a pain) I have not received any notice of shipping......guess I'll get it when I get it.
ordered mine the first day - I think it was June 1st. Haven't rec'd it or any type of shipping confirmation.
I got a response today..here's the gist of it:

Apologies for the late update. As this is a first run I
wanted to inspect all units 100% for defects. I dropped them off at the contract packager on friday afternoon. So the shipping schedule is as follows: All US reserved sinks and US June 1-5 orders will ship Monday. All US orders after june 5 and all International orders will ship by Thursday next week. This should bring everybody up to date. with no further delays. Again thank you for your patience.

Thanks for the update!!!! I was starting to get a little worried. Hopefully if its gonna ship out on Monday I will get it before the end of next week.....1.466Ghz OC here I come!!!!
good to see that post about their delay. had a friend order that cooler, and didnt want it to be held up really late (he has a raunchy system and im helping him build a tbird system to replace it). would figure it would be something like the heatsink to be held up, not the sound card or something you can survive without having :-( oh well, from the looks of that thing it will be worth the wait.
Well...Monday came and went, and still no email of shipping confirmation or anything :( I can understand SOME delays, but is it REALLY taking this long? I hope the wait is worth it....
I got my notice of shipping today.

"The shipment was sent on 2001-06-12 by:
ANSONIA, CT 06401 2227 US
and is scheduled for delivery on 2001-06-18"

Hmmm. Seems like I should be able to get it before the scheduled delivery date. Oh well..that's what happens when you live an a third world country like Arkansas.
I got the same email here:

UPS Ship Notification
This notice is to alert you that a shipment is in transit to:
The shipment was sent on 2001-06-12 by:
ANSONIA, CT 06401 2227 US
and is scheduled for delivery on 2001-06-14

At least in Arkansas you can use ground shipping. Everything here in Hawaii (another 3rd world country) has to use 2day air. My shipping was $16.91 plus the $3.50 handling fee.

Let's hope this Glaciator is the bad boy it claims to be.

I got a shipping notification email today, too. Now I wish I had ordered it 2nd Day air or something quicker than ground...oh well, at least I live in PA so it shouldn't take that long. Plus I work for UPS so I can just pick it up there in the morning :p