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Still many bad servers

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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
Hi all I tried again for 18 hours to send work units and get new ones and no GO.This is now 1 week and 2 days that stanford has gone with server problems.

This is a bUMMER
Strange, I haven't had any problems so far today, with server 117 at least. I did read over at the folding community that Vijay and them put some more servers on line. They also added 2 new columns in the server status page showing the individual server's available WU's and the WU's waiting for that server.
if im not mistaken, i have almost 10 proteins waiting to be sent in... i keep getting netsend errors. its been like 3 days since i've sent successfully.
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does anybody know a fix?

EDIT: i just sent in 6 wu's. seems to finally be working for me.

EDIT AGAIN: i can't get any new work. its on retry #9 right now. also, i sent in 6wu's a day ago and my stats are only showing one of them. stats say i have turned in 149 when FAH said i had completed 154 when it sent them in. whats goin on?
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