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Stinky, stinky MS and thier IE.

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OC Noob

Jun 28, 2002
Phoenix, AZ USA
So, I give my mother my old computer and reformat the drive and re-install W2k. I do all of the updates, but when I went to use IE after setting up a wireless network at her house IE gives me problems.

I go to open up Internet Explorer and it gives me an error and asks if I want to send an error log and restart IE. I do and the same thing happens. It happens after I reboot, it happens after I re-install the IE 6 update again.

The funny thing is I can run the W2k update and that version of IE works just fine, but the IE that opens when you click on the IE shortcut won't. Very strange.

Now, the W2k update would be fine with me, but she knows nothing about computers and thinks this strange and new browser is too hard to use and too unfamiliar:D

So, is there anyway I can repair IE 6, I tried doing the update and installing the IE 6 update, but the crappy MS piece of junk gives me that "this version is older then the one installed" error and won't let me install a working copy over the bad copy.

Finally, my question. Is there a way to install an older version of IE over a newer one or is there an easier way to fix this problem? Can I download an install of IE 6 that is updated with IE 6 patch and just install that?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
have you tried just customizing the buttons up top of the new version of IE ?? Maybe you can make it look like IE 6 and she won't know.

If you haven't already applied sp2 or sp3 to your w2k install, you can use IEradicator @ www.litepc.net to completely eliminate IE. You can then grab and freshly install your favorite version of browser. If you get this far, I hear MyIE is a good enhancement for IE.
In the Add/Remove programs thing, I think you can repair the installation by trying to remove it, if it's listed, but I could be full o' crap. You could always remove IE and use Mozilla.

I already updated it to SP3.

Thanks for the tips. I will try them next time I'm at mom's house.

ps more tips are appreciated just in case these don't work.

I like the changing the icon idea, lol. Too bad I can't change the home page to something other than MS W2k update.