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Stock issues aside, NVIDIA hasn't made any noticeable improvement since Pascal

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May 6, 2016
The 1080Ti was no less than a revolutionary GPU, almost twice as fast as it's predecessor, the 980Ti, at just 50$ more. The 2080Ti was only roughly 30% faster (at 200$ more), and the 2080 Super that came out two and a half years after the 1080Ti was only 15% faster (at the same price).

The 3080 was supposed to be a 2080Ti killer: 400$ cheaper and 40% faster. In reality, the price of the 3080 is roughly 300$ higher (if not more) than a 2080Ti, with roughly 30% performance increase. The 3070Ti (I think 3070s is more fitting), released more than two years after the 2080Ti, is roughly 10% faster than a 2080Ti at the same actual price. Meaning, you could have bought a nice version of the 2080Ti in 2018, put a mild overclock on it, and you would achieve the performance of the 3070Ti. From a technical standpoint you would also have higher 3GB more VRAM, and you won't need to mess with thermal pads and cooling to avoid the 100c temps.

You could argue that DLSS and RT is where the improvement actually happened, but that's subjective, and objectively you have to wonder why the 1080Ti for example has better support for the AMD equivalent of DLSS than NVIDIA's own DLSS.

In summary, I think we should start wondering why we weren't given a proper release, with real improvements over the past generation, since 2016. All things considered, AMD might have gained the upper hand in the GPU market.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
I think you've missed some things...

1080ti was 43% faster than 980ti (1440p). 2080ti was 20% improvement over 1080ti. 3080ti is 26% faster than 2080ti. Sure not as big of a jump...but real increases in RT helps out as well.

Msrp...of the 3080 is $300 less than 3080ti (and 2080tj). You can't blame the market for the super inflated pricing due to scarcity/mining, etc.

I suggest taking a closer look at MSRP of said cards and comparing. It isn't fair to either company, imo.

What do you mean by this?
objectively you have to wonder why the 1080Ti for example has better support for the AMD equivalent of DLSS than NVIDIA's own DLSS


Benching Team Leader
May 29, 2005
I was able to get 3 3080s for 700-800, making them FAR superior in performance/dollar over a 2080ti. Let alone the 1080 that I had previously. The fact that prices have gone up above MSRP isn't the fault of Nvidia, necessarily.

At the moment we have no idea how well AMDs equivalent for DLSS actually works, what the image quality degradation is, and how much of a boost is given.

I also don't see how improvements with RT and DLSS are 'subjective' those are two very tangible features from the RTX series which give direct FPS improvements in games, DLSS especially when running at 4K, and doubly so with ray tracing turned on.



Mar 7, 2008
DLSS relies on new features introduced with RTX. GTX cards lack that specific hardware support, so why is a surprise to anyone that DLSS is not going to go well on them? To the best of my understanding AMD have not implemented any hardware similar to that used by RTX cards in that specific area so they're closer to GTX cards. We have yet to see what actual performance vs quality tradeoffs their implementation will actually offer. Without that extra hardware support, their rescaling is limited to the available power freed up from lower rendering sizes. nvidia has a separate hardware resource to draw upon in RTX cards.


Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
I paid the same for my RTX 3080 as my 1080 TI...($700). Wouldn't buy a 2080 TI for what they cost...Nor would I pay scalper/inflated prices for a RTX 3080 or 3080 Ti...or the inflated prices of the AMD GPU's.

As far as performance in [email protected] the 3080 crushes those other two by a huge margin and I'll get another when I can get it at retail.

I do not care for that dude in the youtube...but he is basically saying Nvidia has schooled AMD in games like Cyberpunk and AMD has finally caught up and now AMD is claiming they have something better...Not a ringing endorsement.:shrug: