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Strange goings on inside my Computer!

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Sep 8, 2001
In the Dark!!
Recently, in the past few days i have been experiencing problems with my computer. for no aparent reason i can not switch on my machine after i have switched it off! when i go to switch it on in the morning it wont boot up or have any signs of life, it just acts as though its not getting power! This can not be, as the internal LED is always on when the power is connected. To get it to work I must switch off the power supply or take the power lead out for about a minute and then retry. It always boots fine after i have reconnected the power cord/switched the power supply on. If i restart the computer from windows its fine and reboots as if i use the reset button, it just wont work when i switch it off completely.

I have tried other power supplies and the same thing happens, i have taken the motherboard back to the shop for testing, and they say it works fine on their test rig, although they had to clear the cmos to get it to boot the first time.

I have encountered this problem on my old abit kt7a, but don't remember how i got rid of the problem.

Does anyone no why this should be happening and how i can correct the problem.


Perhaps something is wrong with your on and off switch. Something similar is wrong with a computer at work. so you have to turn off then back on the extention cord that the computer is pluged into.