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Strange issue with my pc.

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annnnnnd it's gone
May 15, 2010
Euroland, Denmark
Hello guys,

I am having some really strange issues with my pc.

I7 5930k
Gigabyte x99m gaming 5
4x 4gb Corsair Vengence 2133mhz ddr4
Samsung 840 ssd, 120 and 256gb.
2x Gtx 980
1700watt psu.

Last night i was on the playibg and later watching a stream. Went to turn off pc and it had an update, so i pressed update and shut down. Went to bed.

Current situation:
Come home from work, turn on pc as normal. I leave the room, come back about 2 mins after, and the pc is going in repair mode. I figured windows update failed, as it so often does, so i let it roll out to where i could roll back drivers. This failed, i then did reset windows, but keep files, failed. I then reset bios, and looked, the pc couldnt see any of my ssds on the bootable menu, but was able to see them fine on the sata channels. Odd..
I had nothing of importance on c: so i booted up windows 10 installer with usb, attempted upgrade, no luck, install on ssd, which were showing up there too. When i clicked my ssd it said i could not use it, as it was MBR or something i delete alle partions, and then it was okay to install.
Got into windows, but with a few more random restarts in setup process than normal. Didnt think more of it, and started to update. Suddenly, black screen, and then restart, and the whole repair process and unable to see the ssd as boot drive came back.
Hmm dead ssd? I took my other ssd, ran it alone, got into windows via install and this time i only went to updatr gpu drivers. During install crash, back to repair, with no bootable option for the ssd. Hmm.
Did another install, only installed crystal and magician, to check ssd health, perfect health, on both ssds.

I then figured, did both ssds die?
Used an hdd, this time, less random restarts durinh install, but non the less, they happend. In windows, driver update, crash, same story.

Okay, so by now, i think all my drives are working, issue is gpu. But why does this screw up bootable drives?

I disabled one gpu, at a time, tested, with reinstall ofw10 every step of the way.

Same issue. Both gpus as main.

Motherboard? Updated bios, same issue.

Happens with every install, and screws up when i install gpus.

I dont have spare gpus to test, but surely there must be a different culprit?

Could it be PSU dieing?
Here would be my guesses in order of likelyhood as I see it:

1. Motherboard/bios failure
2. PSU failure
3. Bad RAM module
Bad RAM would be easy enough to check for simply by removing all but one stick at a time and testing each stick in all slots. That wouldn't cost anything.
I'll play...

1. Bad SATA channel/controller? Did you swap ports? If the board has an extra set of ports not driven by the cpu swap to 3rd party...or if u are on a 3rd party controller try a native port.
2. RAM. See above. :)

Not betting on psu... :p

So, i ripped the case fully apart, made a new ghrtto mod case and built up the system.

I made the gpus aur cooled for easy testibg, and used 1 ram stick.

So here are results.

1 GPU tested only, no load! Cos no internet where pc is right now.

I used a different array of sata ports, used my normal 120gb os ssd.

System right now now bare minimum.

Waterpump, 2x 120mm fans
Gtx 980 air cooled
4gb ram

Ran the installer, still getting random cut outs after install, in periode where i make windows settings, name, password and such, seems like the pc restarts when it tries bigger res.

Non thr less, got into windows, loaded nvidia drivers off usb, this has been point of fail everytime. But no, it ran the installer, went to 720p res (testing tv) and so far so good.

I want to put load on the system, but i have a tiny leak to sort, and then test other gpu and so on, but, as of right now, its running with 1 gpu, 16gb ram, 1x 120gb ssd and 2 fans + pump. Loop is currently cpu only.

I will test other gpu once its air cooled been at this all day, so pretty tired now, testing resumes tomorrow.

Earthdog, old buddy.

I ran installer on different Sata array, after you post, i moved back to the old ones, so far its working.
I have another update, and its bad news.

Current Setup, thats seems to be working.

Motherboard,ram cpu, 1x gpu, 2x ssd, 1x hybred ssd, 16gb ram, waterpump, 4x 120mm, aquaconputers 6.

So i had this working in my test are that is limited, as far as internet and so on.

Took the rig home, to get on with testing, and here, i managed to crash first try.

I have on the other hand learned what us causing the full on crash.

I run 4 monitors. 3x dell and 1x acer predator all are 1440p and i have been running this setup for about 6 to 7 months.

I have 2 of my monitors in diasy chain, so my acer and 1x dell run directly to gpu with display port cables. The other 2x dell are connected with one display port cable from gpu to on monitor, and then daisy chain from that. As mentioned, this had worked worked for serveral months.

Now, i came home plugged everything in, and wham crash. Removed all but acer monitor, working, added lonely dell, working. Added the daisy chain pair.. And i got BSOD.

Now, can anyone shed some light on this? Is this failing gpu? Bad display port cable?

Im looking for ideas, in the mean time, im instsllinh 3d mark to put som pressure on gpu to test that and then also going to change daisy pair setup and test 3 monitors.
I would not think display issues would cause the computer to crash and go into repair mode like you describe in your fist post. Sounds like a video card issue to me.
I am starting to pint finger at the motherboard, but im not sure yet.

Running 3 monitors works fine, the monitor that is daisy changed, when this is added to the mix, instant BSOD.

I have now tried both gpus in solo mode and they both work the same, and both score the same in 3dmark.

So i will say, both gpus work...but...

Here is my reason for suspecting motherboard.

I tried to run SLI.

I installed my former top (main card) in pos 2, connected everything , and booted up, both gpu light up but, nothing but black flashing screens, restarts, and more black flashing screens.

I removed the sli bridge, pc boots and i check gpu-z, only one gpu found.

I am about to swap the cars around and see if result is the same, and if it is, i would that what ever handles pcie lanes could be at fault? Hope its not a dieing cpu.
Next update:

Reversed the gpus, second gpu not showing up, so it appears to be something with the motherboard if you ask me.

Any input before i run out and buy a new motherboard?
From your first post saying the windows updates did not do well all the time I would suspect memory stability effecting everything. Did you run memory testing programs like MemTest86. Also I would check the CPU with prime95.
I will admit i had been having stange issues over the past few weeks with driver crashes during gaming.

But will both now.

Another strange thing, normally my PSU keeps the fan spinning once i turn off the PC, it spins for a good 10/15secs and turns off. Now it never stops. Maybe the PSU is the root of all my issues?

I am low on cash, since i got fired and started my own company, but i need a working PC, cheapest possible way.
I am considering replacing the PSU no matter what. Thinkng back i remember that i had an issues like 6 months ago where it all went to hell, and moving the GPU power cables to a different spot on PSU solved it. Psu dieing and taking other stuff with it maybe...
I have bought a platinum rated psu now, im looking forward to seeing if it helps, i guess dips in voltage not being stable can cause issues?
Its behaving strange, fans stays on even always, where as before it was only for 10secs after shut down, issues with having to move power cables for gpu to work 7 months ago. I know the psu is split in 2 sectors, one may have bad component? Non the less i dont trust it anymore. If not psu, then it must be motherboard i guess.