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strange problem with kx-7, help please

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Dec 2, 2001
any ideas?

have has kx-7 since they came out. good board, no problems. had the board running at 190 for a while then 180 and now 166/166 for the ultimate stability when running cad software. so i just got a corsair 3200C2 stick and also ordered a 3500C2 stick to compare and i was planning to return the one that performs worse...

so, loded the 3200c2 in and set the fsb to 200, system won't post.

dropped down to 195, won't post, 185, won't post, 180 would not post. what the hell. my samsung ctl stick were running at this speed no problem, in fact they even ran at 190 for a while. so i change back to the samsungs and the system boots right up. I put the corsairs back in and the system boots.

run memtest/pcmark/superpi/prime95 for a while without any problems either samsung or corsair at max timings (multiplier set way down to remove the cpu from the equation)

so i increase the fsb to 182 and no post again with either set of sticks. now i am thinking that something is up with the motherboard because i know that it will run up to 195 with the samsung.

almost like something on the mb is starting to fail or not running as well as it used to.

anybody have an idea as to what is going on.



Aug 8, 2002
The board DOES support pc3200 ram. Try and check your settings in the BIOS... see that everything is okay Vcore, Vdimm, dividors, cl, etc. You can't just put in a new piece of hardware and expect it to perform at 110%.
I have an Abit Kx7-333 mobo with corsair pc3200 512mb ram and got it up to 197x10.5 but cpu was bogging out so I backed it down to 191x10.5
What else are you running in your system? Does your KX7 have raid? It's most likely something else that's causing the problem. THere are a lot of people on the o/c forums that have the same mobo, pc3200 ram and are willing to help
Also, it would help if you are more specific... list your timings, vcore, vdimm, etc. so that we can better help you! :)


Dec 2, 2001
xp2000 @ anything

fsb max 180 brick wall.

all ram timings maxxed but even going to cas 2.5 does not change things

no raid

soundblaster live
lite on 40x
radeon 8500 280/290

pretty standard system. when is getting my goat is that i have had it to 195+ without problem (a little unstable but still booted up and ran fine) now i am hitting a wall at 180 with the samsung and corsair module. why would it be the exact same fab frequency with two different modules, makes me think that it has nothing to do with the ram. the only thing that has changed is now i have a light on drive. guess i will unplug that and give it another try....