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Strange sudden voltage "drop"

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Dec 17, 2000
Montana, USA
Up untill last night my 5v line has always read ~4.96v by my dd5, and ~4.75 by sandra.

Last night i was ripping some CD's (edit: ITS OK, IT WAS LEGAL, i was just making some mix CD's for someone) and my dd5 alarm started goin off. My 5v had dropped to ~4.75v. I checked sandra, and it still showed ~4.75. Now today sandra and my dd5 are both showing the exact same voltage of ~4.75v. Very strange if you ask me. Any ideas on what may have caused this.
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Why hasent anyone even read it. Is it because i mentioned ripping cd's. Just so you know it was perfectly legal. Someone wanted a mix of a few songs off each of a bunch of cd's.
hmm, sounds almost like your connectors to your atx ~mobo is loose or corroded. Maybe some dust got in there and fried a tiny bit carbonized then droped voltage. I have heard of it happening, not often though. Also components on the motherboard overheatsing and dropping the voltage also. See if anything is overheating, that should narrow down the problem a bit hopefully.
The mobo voltage was always low though, what dropped was the voltage measured by the digital doc 5 (aka multimeter). Now the molex voltages reads EXACTLY the same as the mobo, the mobo was always low, the voltage at the molex connector used to be good.
hmm ok so with the molex always being good, but now the mobo voltage is down, chaces are somthing is causing the voltage drop going through your mobo. Either the atx connector is fouled a tiny bit, somthing is overheating also is a possibility. I hear the epox 8k7a board resistors can get pretty hot and are helped by tiny heatsinks. Feel around, grounded ofcoarse heheh and see if components are hot.
no, molex was always good untill the other night. Mobo was and still is BAD. The mobo voltages didnt change. All that changed is than now the molex is reading the same as the mobo ALWAYS has been.