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Strange temperature readings

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Jul 14, 2001
Before I begin I know my CPU is hot, got a bad one. I finally decided to purchase a thermistor to monitor my CPU temp. When idle in the BIOS viewing the CPU temp i get about 46C, 53C with full load. I temperature monitoring software in Windows 98 SE. When idle I get about 36C and 53C with full load. Whats with the two different readings with no load? Does Windows manage CPU voltage or is it caused by the BIOS load?
BTW motherboard temp 23C. 633MHz Celeron OC to 950MHz 2.3V, only way to have it 100% stable.
It's probable the temp monitoring software that's inaccurate. Your CPU isn't actually sitting idle when 'idle'. The temp should be quite high but not as high as 'full load'. You've got to be running a HLT-enabled cooling software to really make it take a break. My P3-600E @840 is about 40'C without any cooling software but 43'C at full load. With CPUIdle it's just a degree over the mobo temp, 35'C. As I remember, Motherboard Monitor and the bios readout for (the same) fan rpms differ on my PC so your problem is probably similar in nature.