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Strange X-Files Type Problems on a Abit KT7A-Raid Mobo

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Apr 23, 2001
As suggested elsewhere on this message board I took my Duron 800 (level 1 bridges sorted) multiplier down and put up the fsb and eventually ended up running at 7.5 x 136. (1020 mhz) cpu temp @ 37 c, system temp 25 c and stable. Obviously you cant have to much of a good thing and looking for more performance went back to the Bios looking for more (dam it why am i so greedy). When rebooting the system it did not POST so i went back to the bios and found that the DRAM clock had changed from the HCLK+PCICLK needed for 133 mhz ram to HOST, ( I have 133 mhz ram )
and this continues to be the case if I now use any FSB other than 100 mhz(which when at this HCLK+PCICLK displays and stays in the bios) if i change the fsb now upon reboot the DRAM clock changes. I have loaded up the defaults and then re-adjusted the bios and still no change in the situation, I have also reset the CMOS (dunno why but im desperate) and still no changes.. anyone got any ideas.

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The KT7A-Raid will automatically set the dram clock to "host clock" at anything about 124 I think. All yuo have to do is drop the mult even more and raise the fsb, you should see somewhere around 145+ as long as the cards can take it. I had my crappy generic pc-133 at 147, but it wasn't that stable(would crash after a couple of hours) I'm sure the crucial will rip.

Fiz is right. The host+clock will only work below the 133mhz mark, this is to provent you from running a 180 or so fsb on your memory when you really only want to run it at 140. Trying 130 fsb bus or so plus the pci clock would put you at 160+ which your memory will not take, or would fry it. Make sense? I just used made up numbers but you should get the point.
again hoot answered this the first 4 times you asked the question!! come on ask it once and you have a better chance of getting a good correct answer.

Host + PCI can only be envoked at FSB speeds at or below 120 Mhz.

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Date: May 01, 2001 on 09:30 a.m.
Ive just Flashed my BIOS so dont know if that helps it but my problems now appear to have disapeared (not counting relationship and cash probs) I now have my Duron @ 1027 mhz ( 137 x 7.5 ) loaded CPU temp @ 36 c (96 f), System temp @ 24 c (75 f) and stable. However as with all people new to overclocking i have more questions which i hope someone can answer..
(Q:) What effect does increasing the PCI clock speed have on the computer and is it safe to do so ?

This is my first overclock and i want to get it right, so comments on my system, suggestions etc are most welcome

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