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-Straying Away From Conventinal Steriotypes-

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May 22, 2003
I am rather sick and tired of the "box" looking computers, I love when people hting outside the box, literary, when making their case.

I personaly wanted to make a case that would:

-look stunning
-fit my water cooling setup with the chiller
-display the insides (computer and cooling)
-which I dont have to put on my table and still reach the cdroms, power button, etc without bending over
-that would be origenal and like nothing out there

so I have sat down and though for a while and here is what I will be making.

I am building it out of plexi, it will be an octagon tower about 2 ft diameter, and 4 ft tall. All sides edges will be cut under the apropriate degree to fit ony with a single seam.

On the inside the sides will be held together by a triangular poles of various angle measurments and glue. Then the case will be painted black form the inside to create a back shiny finish on the outside. There will be a bright blue led buld in tot he bottom and top of each triangular pole so the angles of the case will eminate blue light.

It will be toped off with a 8 sided pyramid which will have a blue cathode tube standing inside and will have round holes with stainless steel grills attached on top. This will create shadows of the grill image surounded by blue light. There will be present on 4 sides ont he 8 sided pyranid top, front, back, left and right sides.

The cooling system will be at the bottom of the case, at the top the mb lying not standing, hard drives and cdroms will be under the mobo.

There will be windows left unpainted to display everything from the computer to the cooling system. Windows will be covered with reflective window tinting film. So in the day time they will apear to be mirrors, but at night with the lights inside on the will turn transparent.

Plexi rectangles will be attached to the cdrom trays ends so at a glance the surface wont be ruined by ugly cd rom faces, it will fit so the plexi will merge with the case, it will look part of the case wall. Obviously there will be iluminated switched screwed on to plexi under which the cd rom open button is, the plexi under will be cut away so the button will push the cd rom open button.

There will also be decorative elements taped before painting and later cover with reflective film as the windows.

Naturaly there will be intake and exast fans at the bottom for the water chiller radiator.

There will be access doors for the mb, hd/cd rom/ chiller compartments in the back.

I am sure I will be adding more mods later but I will be sure to keep it elagant and not tacky.

I will be perobably making modifications and might change the shape of the case, everything will still apply to it. I will be posting cad blue prints as soon as I am done.

You need to be VERY careful what you have within a 20 foot radius of your case.(walls not included) The computer will have no shielding from outside EMI, and more importantly, will emit TONS of it!

what is EMI? how does it work? How to fight it?

If you have any sugestions, opinions, ecoragments/flame/etc. please do tell ^^