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stretching tube over mag3 input

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Nov 18, 2003
i was having some trouble with the barb on my mag3 input. it was leaking just a little. i had used teflon tape and sealed it with silicone sealant. i thought about it for a little bit and then i was like, why not just stretch the tube over the whole thing. i took off the barb and have been trying to get it on, but no luck. i have the 1/8" wall tygon and i have blisters from trying to get it on. i read the stretching thread, but i was wondering if anyone has ever succesfuly done this. tomorrow i think im going to try lubing up the plastic with some vaseline and really really heating up the tube, almost to melting. i tried that stretching thing with the needlenose pliers and actually got it all the way around, with the pliers still inside. i was soooooooo excited, but then i couldn't slide the pliers out without the tube coming off :( so close, yet so far away


Sep 29, 2003
you should just go pick up a length of larger tubing :)
i would be quite weary about the fact that the inlet is tapered downwards. A lubricant on there would only prommote it sliding off. I say try it with silicon sealant, with a metal hose clamp(careful not to overtighter, you might crush the inlet) with 5/8"ID tubing. It would indeed give the least restriction to the pump, but I wonder if the exposed threads will have any effect of the water flow.
make sure you excessively test for leaks first!


Insatiably Malcontent, Senior Member
Jul 24, 2002
Seattle, WA
I'm doing the same thing...except I just bought a section of 1" ID Clearflex. Nice, snug, easy fit. :D BTW - boiling it to the point of melting is a bad idea. You'll weaken the tubing and it could split...perhaps later when you're not expecting it. Just get some bigger tubing.