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stuck with my 2500 barton!

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May 5, 2003
:mad: I canot get my 2500 barton to go stable over 176 X 12.5 @ 2200MHz. my v-core is 1.85 anyone have a similar mobo and mem that has better setting let me know ,or any other settings or advice to get MORE OUT of the cpu !

I had two Bartons and found them both more difficult to overclock than tbred cores. One was a 2800+ and it would not go over 2350MHz stable, and that required water cooling and 1.9 volts. I sold that and briefly tried a 2500+ and was stuck even lower at 2230MHz with water cooling and 1.95 volts. Both of these were on the A7N8X DLX, but it was enough to guage that they're harder to overclock - compared to several tbred cores which have almost all easily hit 2400MHz+ with 1.85 volts.
Barton 2500+
AXDA2500KV4D Y81428270188

Same setup with a rev 2.0 board and pc3200 corsair memory. Im at 200 x 11.5 prefectly stable.
What is better to O/C the multies or the FSB ? the settings i hade posted befor 176X12.5 @ 2200 my cpu runs at 51. C is that to hot and it still crashes. ran prime 95 for 24 hour was fine rebooted and made no changes ,started to crash! but stable @ 175x12@2100 what can change to get better results?
could it be that you have a VIA chipset?
just a guess....

everyone that has posted above has an asus nforce board...got my 2500 to 2.38 and ran 3dmark 2001 just fine @
190 x 12.5

200 x 10 seemed ok